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Feb 12, 2008 12:11 AM

Caliyogurt in Torrance, anybody?


Has anyone tried this place called Caliyogurt in Torrance, in the strip mall on Crenshaw Blvd between Carson and Sepulveda (just south of SCROC/Wilson Park)? I drove by it a few times and saw the marquee sign, but that's it. It piqued my curiosity. Is it a Pinkberry type of place? Is it new? Maybe I should just go there myself and answer the questions already, heh.

But I thought I'd ask first, in case anyone's been there yet, and hasn't bothered to post (didn't find any posts anywhere except Tampa, FL).


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  1. yea I've seen that place too. Actually I was gonna go in today, but it opens at 11 and it was 9 so hahah i didn't go. I suppose it's another pinkberry cousin. the place looks pretty neat tho. Oh and the starbucks in that mall is serving Sorbetto drinks. its exactly the same as pinkberry and with other fruit flavors. because starbucks is now investing in pinkberry, my two fav summer food stops. yum.

    1. I tried this place the other day as I was getting some stuff from J.J. Bakery in the same complex.

      Yes, it's a Pinkberry clone. I tried it and it seemed fine. Of the toppings, the fruit was nice and fresh, though I didn't like their little mochi balls. Didn't taste as good as mochi balls from some of the other places. Prices were not cheap just like all of the other yogurt places.

      All in all, it's a decent addition to an area. I prefer it over the Pinkberry clone in the South Bay Galleria.

      1. I've been there... it's okay. They have more toppings there than does Dolci Mango in South Redondo. There's another clone in the PCH/Crenshaw/AMC/CPK/Islands complex called the frozen Monkey. And, on top of it, the golden spoon located in a Von's is offering sour froyo (although I don't think it's in the same style as the others). Frankly, what was wrong about regular frozen yogurt and then adding all the fruit toppings? I just don't get this craze..