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Feb 11, 2008 10:01 PM

Are there any cute non-chain coffee shops in Queens?

I just moved back to Douglaston from the East Village and i am having a hard time adjusting to the fact that sitting in a coffee shop most definitely lands me in a chain store. Does anyone have any suggestions for a trendy place near the Queens/LI border where there might be good coffee, music, wireless internet? Am I asking for too much? Thanks!

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  1. La Flor in Woodside. Great patries, cakes, cookies, baked goods. Make all types of hot beverages.Their Mexican hot cocoa is not to be missed. Add sugar if needed cuz its not like that Swiss Miss crap.

    Sage American Kitchen LIC. Same setup with less seating but great cupcakes, muffins, scones, cookies. Make great hot drinks to go along with the sweets.

    In my humble opinion skip Aubergine in Sunnyside. Very poor coffee drinks and their food and baked goods did not please either. They are overpriced and overrated on here.

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      la flor is a great stop, but doesn't sound like what the op is looking for. it's not really a coffeeshop - more of a restaurant. and the coffee they serve (though good) is more of the off-white ceramic mug diner variety.

      agree about aubergine. i like their coffee, but not the atmosphere. food is hit or miss, though i do like the macaroons. it loses its charm quickly, but it really is the only place in this nabe to sit for a while.

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        really??? I love Aubergine. I don't eat there, but I like the coffee drinks a lot and I like the atmosphere a lot. It's a real neighborhood place. Everybody knows each other. 50th and Skillman.

        This is way far away from Douglaston, though - and no Wifi.

        The one I can't stand is The Grind on Q Blvd. YUCK.

        Also, there's that weird place on Skillman, Daco Romano or something...feels like a funeral parlor in there and the people are really unfriendly.

      2. I can only speak about the places I've been to, and that's not the LI border, but here's a short non-Starbucks list. In Astoria and Jackson Heights is a place (2 locations) called Esparks. There's a place in Sunnyside called The Grind. Near me in Forest Hills is Munch on Yellowstone that has wifi and Theater Cafe on Metropolitan that does not. Then on QB by Union Tpk is Sonoma Coffee Cafe. I don't know about their wifi.

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          peachfreeze in astoria. hipster coffee and wifi.

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            I forgot to mention Brazil Coffee House LIC. They have 3 locations with plenty of seating.

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              LIC also has CommuniTea which is as much a coffee house as a tea house (47th Ave & Vernon)

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                I have only been to one location but I liked it. Didn't know there are three!

          2. Well, if you were living in the east village, then you must know little spot, good sandwiches, coffee, etc.........

            Mud truck at Mineola LIRR station, now opened as MUD cafe in downtown Mineola, and now changed name to Mo Joe's--but still serving the MUD search on LI board to read more --but my husband's been, and liked it alot..good sandwiches, etc...nice atmosphere...and good sweets, too.

            95 Mineola Blvd
            Mineola, NY 11501
            (516) 294-0714

            Other than that, you could hit Panera's although it's a chain, it's a place you can hang out for awhile, and their chairs are comfortable. There's one in Long Island City, Mineola, one in Westbury, and they're putting one next to Trader Joe's in Glendale/Forest Hills on the near future....

            The Munch place has horrible vacant service...not a place I'd go out of my from Douglaston too, ever. There's a new little place that just opened on Queens Blvd in Forest Hills sort of close to Kew Gardens,,Sonoma Coffee, but it's about a block from the Starbucks in Kew Gardens on QB next to bank not far from Union Turnpike...Their food stuff, what little they had there, looked very cafeteria like, but their coffee and drink preps looked okay..very clean, new place...looked like you could hang out's gotten good feedback on the central queens website blog...they are supposed to have wifi and couches soon, if not now...

            1. Northeastern Queens definitely needs a comfy coffee shop. All the ones mentioned are too far, imo, to go just to relax with a cup of coffee.

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                oh wait, I might have one closer..but I don't remember the name...I was driving on Northern Blvd last friday and noticed a french bakery cafe opening, somewhere in the vicinity of Little Neck I was on the right side of road heading Eastbound...I went from Bayside to was somewhere in between there, but I think it was near to Little Neck, and somewhere before Nelson's Grill..I think.....anyway, this might be worth checking out...Surprised there's nothing in Bayside on Bell Blvd that would work---