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Feb 11, 2008 09:45 PM

My Oven

Moved into a new place, and having serious issues with the oven.

I live in a very secluded place, with no thermometer to be found (I won't be in the states for a few more months ) and buying a new oven is not an option.

Everything I cook according to temp/time is undercooked, or burnt on the bottom and raw "on top"/vice versa (depending on rack placement).

Is there something I can do/cook to help determine how to adjust time and temp?

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  1. Not much help but if this is an electric oven it sounds like the top element may be bad. I guess it could be a bad top burner in a gas one too.

    1. Get yourself some unglazed ceramic tiles and place under your cookware. It's the same principal as a baking stone, but lots cheaper. You might also want to try that brick oven enclosure for your oven. It will let your oven cook a lot more evenly.

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        Thanks, great idea, hand't thought of using tiles. Will definitately try.