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Feb 11, 2008 09:14 PM

breakfast near NYU

any ideas for a good breakfast near Washington Square/NYU?

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  1. Just went to this place called Grey Dog Coffee last weekend while visiting...It's small and cozy but good food (big portions) and good coffee.

    For a more upscale brunch, try Deborah.

    1. NoHo Star and North Square are my standbys: North Square is a v. conservative but pretty good hotel restaurant (in the Washington Square Hotel), though admittedly I haven't been in a few years, while NoHo Star is just a little more upscale, with a great atmosphere and fabulous eggs and french toast but occasionally meh service.

      Grey Dog is great, period, though I've never had their breakfast. Very hectic at lunch, and it's an order-at-the-counter place, but again I wouldn't know if it's quieter in the AM.

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        If their breakfast is anything like their brunch, North Square is a fantastic place to go. Otherwise my preference is for the Waverly Diner.

      2. Definitely try North Square.

        1. For something quick, Patisserie Claude, Birdbath, or Amy's. 'ino is open for breakfast if you want a sit-down place.