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Feb 11, 2008 07:54 PM

Killer cupcakes in SD?

Thinking of just getting some takeout dessert for Valentine's day as we'll both be working late. I have this dream of getting excellent cupcakes---if red velvet cupcakes can be gotten, those would be perfect. Any great places for this? I live in PB but am willing to drive a little.

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  1. Elizabethan Desserts has the (big) cupcakes you are looking for. They are located in a nursery on Encinitas Blvd in Encinitas. Google them for exact directions.

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      Elizabeth makes awesome red velvet cupcakes. Moist and delicious. She doesn't use red food coloring, but rather beet powder to get that wonderful day-glo red. If you want them I would call ahead, sometimes she is sold out late in the day.

    2. We usually get something from Extraordinary Desserts, and they do have cupcakes - but not red velvet. Costco apparently has heart shaped red velvet cakes for Valentine's day - we had a piece last night and it was pretty good.

      1. Waters is offering Cupcakes, but they must be preordered.

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          1. ANother vote for Elizabethan desserts... i would call ASAP to reserve some because it is just her baking and stuff goes fast. The chocolate cupcake with the cream filling is also amazing.

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              I think her Hot Diggity Dang cupcakes (chocolate w/ cream filling) are her best cupcakes. They're really moist with a good, dense chocolate taste.

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                oh well.....i had some time at lunch and dropped by costco and even if that red velvet cake sux, it sure looks good. so-----voila! VD dessert (ala kitchen remodel 08)! thanx, aliceq!

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                  Well, go figure! An article in the food section today about velvet cake and cupcakes and they talk about Elizabethan desserts!