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Feb 11, 2008 07:12 PM

cobble hill/boerum hill weekday

I'm taking it easy tomorrow and staying in the hood. I live off Smith right by the Bergen stop. I'd love to pick up a great yummy luxurious lunch or is there somewhere that it would be fun to sit at and eat alone with a book?

So excited to have a day off!

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  1. I hope this reply is not too late for your lunch today. But restaurants on Smith Street which are open for weekday lunch include: Bar Tabac, Chance, Zaytoons, Cafe Luluc, Savoia and Paninoteca 275. (Hanco's Vietnamese sandwich shop on Bergen Street is open too, but it's probably too small to sit with a book for a while.) Of all those, I'd say Chance has the best chance of meeting your "yummy and luxurious" criteria.
    Enjoy your day off!