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Feb 11, 2008 06:10 PM

"Portable" Food near/in Penn Station

My wife and I will be seeing Young Frankenstein on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, we will not be able to stay in NYC for dinner after the show, but we would like to try to pick up something decent that we can eat on the train.

Are there any good options between the theater (42nd St) and Penn Station or in Penn Station itself? We were thinking maybe we could find a good sushi place that will do takeout. If not, any other recommendations would be appreciated.


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  1. There's millions in Penn Station Terminal and even more than that in Grand Central. Most of the food places are designed for on-the-go.

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    1. re: doona

      Ok, that's pretty obvious. But which are the good ones?

    2. Stout is a restaurant/bar just outside of Penn Station..less than a block away and it has pretty good food and variety. Never hurts to enjoy a beer while you wait for your order to be ready.

      1. I've heard the Tracks in Penn Station is good, although I've never been. It's on the LIRR level to the left of the ticket windows.

        I assume you're looking for a real meal, rather than the better or more chowhoundy takeout places. One possiblity could be Koreatown, which is between 5th and 6th Avenues on 32nd St. (one block east of Penn Station). Search the boards -- I'm sure some places would do a good takeout. You could also get something from any of the places in Times Square or the theater district - again, search the boards and see what's recommended. You can also check to see the menus and then call an ask about takeout.

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        1. re: LloydG

          Woo Ji Rip in Koreatown has tons of prepared meals and sides. Perfect for getting a few dishes to share while on the go. W 32nd btw 5th and Broadway

          1. re: JSHAFT78

            I would definitely say Woorijip. If you decide against the fresh dinner at the buffet, you can always pick up a pack of kimbap or something similar.

            1. re: JungMann

              I'll add my vote to that list. Warning -- a lot of Korean food is quite pungent. Your fellow train mates may not appreciate it.

              1. re: Miss Needle

                That's why we were hoping for some good sushi recs.. Very train friendly and we don't have to worry about keeping it warm until we board the train..

                But please keep the recommendations coming!! Thanks!!

                1. re: Philly Ray

                  Kimbap is *like* sushi and I don't find it pungent at all. Japchae and other non-kimchi banchan are also rather neutral if you're worried about wafting chili and garlic smells.

              2. re: JungMann

                Is Woo Ji Rip open for lunch? We're actually looking for a pre-show meal as well (sit down) and Korean is something we don't get much of in Philly.

                1. re: Philly Ray

                  Yep, open for lunch too (is it 24-hours now? I forget...) but be prepared for the lunch crowds. The noodle bar in the back is particularly good. There's a seating area and the turnover is relatively quick, but if you don't get Korean in Philly, it would be worth your while to look at sit-down restaurants (and partake in the ban chan!) along the rest of that block. Most of the K-town restaurants are open 24 hours a day, so you won't have much of a problem finding one that's open for lunch.

                  1. re: theannerska

                    Which of the other sit-down places would you recommend? Our train gets in around 11:45, so we're hoping to sit down for lunch around 12 noon.

                    1. re: Philly Ray

                      Yes, there are so many other option than Woo Ri Jip for lunch. Woo Ri Jip is good because it's fast and really cheap (you could spend less than five bucks there for lunch). And you will see mobs of people there (Korean and non-Korean) because it's fast and cheap. But the food is not the best. You can definitely do better.

                      For sit-down Korean restaurants (they're pretty much all open for lunch), you can try either Kun Jip or Won Jo on 32nd Street between 5th and Broadway. If the wait is too long at Kun Jip or Won Jo, you can try Gum Gang San.

          2. How about Go Go Curry, on 38th Street (between 7th and 8th)? Japanese curry is one of those yummy things Philly lacks. Your fellow train passengers might not be too happy though...

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            1. re: pronek

              I've eaten Go Go Curry on the LIRR. I don't think it's a problem. If you're going on Amtrak, then you'll have two seats to yourselves, so you won't have to worry about the person sitting next to you.

            2. I think the best you can do in Penn Station is Island Dine, located at the LIRR end of the Connecting Concourse (there's a Nedick's at the front of the space and a KFC in the back).

              Jamaican patties, oxtail, goat, rice, plantains and the like.

              The food is easily portable, though you may risk offending other passengers if you make particularly odorous selections.