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Feb 11, 2008 05:57 PM

Oscar Themed Food

I'm having an oscar party and would like to serve food and drinks that tie-in with nominated movies. I read the posts on this topic from the 07 oscars and there were some great ideas! I like both play on words as well as "theme" foods. Thanks for the help-

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  1. Milkshakes, definitely ("I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!" from There Will Be Blood)
    OJ by the gallon, a la Juno
    Ratatouille (too easy?)
    Empanadas or pasties or other meat pies a la Sweeney Todd (not the most appetizing...)

    I'll keep thinking.

    1. I've been known to serve veal Oscar for a sit-down dinner preceding an Oscar party. (Seriously!) ;-)

      But to stick with your movie title theme:
      Anything in too much oil for There Will Be Blood.
      Lox in honor of all the locks blown out in No Country for Old Men? (groan...)
      Baby vegetables for Juno? (and everyone has to give theirs to someone else)

      1. Oscar Myer Pigs In The Blanket?

        1. No Country for Old Men - chocolate coins to flip, followed by a mini-keg "cattlegun".

          There Will Be Blood - steak w/o utensils and bottles of gin w/o glasses, served with a bowling pin.

          Juno - Gallon of Sunny D, hamburgers decorated like phones.

          Ratatouille - Any French dessert, w/chocolate truffle droppings and dusted paw prints.

          Sweeney Todd - injector disposable straight razors fitted with Jolly Rancher blades, to serve whipped cream followed by strawberry jam.

          Diving Bell & The Butterfly - You cook anything to order, but they must ask for it by blinking as you recite the alphabet repeatedly.

          Into The Wild - Guest chooses to fast.

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            or take their chances with mushrooms!

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              In Ratatouille the wines featured are real French wines....

            2. my immediate thought was baked Alaska for juno... I'd probably go with chicken pot pie for sweeny todd, even though its a little off. Or Alton Brown did an episode on hand pies, so that would work.