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Feb 11, 2008 05:25 PM

West Hartford Area -- Sunday Brunch with In-Laws

My wife and I will be going to the West Hartford, Connecticut area in several weeks with my in-laws (who are in their 80s and not terribly adventurous). I am looking for some place close to St. Joseph's College where we can take them for an interesting lunch or brunch on a Sunday -- no Indian or Thai or seafood (my wife is deathly allergic). Good, basic, interesting food (and by that, I do not mean cheap) in an atmosphere that would please. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. You might consider the Pond House Cafe in Elizabeth Park, which is just down the road. I have not been in the winter, but the atmosphere is lovely.

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      I agree... I think the Pond House Cafe is the perfect option... it's BYOB if that matters to you

    2. Try Grant's in West Hartford Center. It's sounds perfect for what you're looking for. Haven't heard good things about the food at the pond house cafe

      1. I like the Pond House but find their menu to be pretty small for all meals that they serve there. It is in a great setting though. Other options might be Corner Pug on New Britain Ave--as I find their brunch to be decent. Or if you're willing to drive to Simsbury---I'd definitely recommend the Harvest Bakery/Cafe for a great brunch (a killer menu with all good things on it).
        Good luck!

        1. It has lost some of its luster and has new owners but I believe Avon Old Farms just over the hill from West Hartford still has well regarded a Sunday brunch. Always wins Connecticut Magazine's best brunch awards....