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Dec 3, 2001 06:43 PM


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anybody know a place that has oden, i cannot even find a place that serves it let alone good

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  1. Oden is quite easy to make....well, at least for me. You can make a quick trip to Mitsuwa Market, Nijiya Market, or any other Japanese market that you may know of and you can probably find one that is already pre-pacakged with variety of ingredients. You can add aDaikon and Potatoes, and boiled eggs if you like.
    Get a broth and put it in water, boil it, add ingridients (vegetables first, of course), when it's all cooked, season it with soy sauce to your liking. Voila! You have Oden!

    I go to Izakaya Honda in Tustin (Orange County) for Oden. Although you may be looking for one in L.A., I thought I'd tell you the one I know. It IS a winter treat so your time is limited on this!