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Feb 11, 2008 05:15 PM

Solo in Las Vegas

I will be in Las Vegas on business for 3 days in early March. The one place I really want to try is L'Atelier. With counter service, I should feel comfortble dining solo. Can I just walk in on a week day night, after 9pm? Is reservation required?

As for the other 2 nights, I would love to hear suggestions, with the following parameters:

1) I am dining solo, and prefer places that are not too formal and serve food at the counter.
2) Unless food justifies it, I am avoiding "hot" place where reservation is necessary.
3) Although I eat everything, my passion is in fish, pasta, and vegetable.
4) I am from Bay Area, so Michael Mina restaurants will not be of interest.
5) For this trip, budget is not an issue.
6) I will stay at MGM and have a car.

Currently I am interested in B&B. Is it easy to walk in and get a seat at the bar?

I am also intrigued by the whole fish at Bartolotta. Is the portion too large for a single diner?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I could probably count on one hand the number of places in Vegas I know of that do not serve food at the bar. With that in mind ...

    Since you are staying at MGM I would suggest Seablue. Yes, I know you said that Mina places do not interest you but since you're a fish person - this place would be good. I really love it. I like the fact that you can get a lot of different things to try without committing to one certain item.

    Fiamma is a good one as well which just happens to be in your hotel. B&B is definitely going to be better, though.

    Bartolotta is another good choice. Looks like you're pretty much set. With the parameters that you've given ( ignoring the Mina point, though ) I would say that you should do B&B, Bartolotta, and Seablue.

    Have fun.

    1. I just ate at L'Atelier last week. I think you could sit at the bar with no problem solo(I would consider sitting in the back mini bar with Fred(bartender) he is very knowledgable and is old school vegas(you come first). I would walk by during the day and see when a good time to sit by Fred would work out. The experience we had was first class, wines were excellent but my god the food was king. The flavors just have to be tried. Fred made sure we had a couple(just try this on us) added items that were to die for. You won't go wrong with any suggestions so I would pick what sounds good to you. Trust your own choices here. Also I would consider eating at the bar in Morels(Palazzo). great service and as much or as little food as you want.

      1. You can also put Bouchon at the Venetian on your list. I felt fine dining there solo at the counter. No pasta, but fish and veggies are on the menu.

        1. Thanks for feedback. I will make reservation for L'Atelier, to be on the safe side, but leave the other 2 nights free, to explore possibilities. I have learned a lot from the board, although my taste is somewhat different from the majority. I persoanlly do not care for meat (particularly steak), or dessert, the two most popular "cravings". I will report back whatever I ended up with.

          1. Solo foodie with wheels in Vegas?

            You could do so much worse than a seat at the bar at Rosemary's. Plenty of standout fish dishes for you to enjoy (the new salmon prep is fabulous, barramundi is now on the menu and the Halibut Lindquist has been on the menu from day one if I am not mistaken).

            Arguably the best bar food service in town... you will receive the full treatment even as a solo walk-in.

            In a town where the odds are stacked against you, Rosemary's consistently delivers where many name places deliver inconsistency.