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Venda Ravioli ~ Providence

We had the opportunity to stock up on our favorite fresh/frozen pasta from Venda this weekend. Lobster gnocchi, spinach gnocchi, smoked mozzarella ravioli, gorgonzola & walnut ravioli, eggplant tortelloni, spinach and gorgonzola tortelloni. Wanted to try the squid ink ravioli but they had just sold out. To go with the pasta, we tried the pink vodka sauce and the gorgonzola cream sauce. Everything was excellent as always...this is our favorite pasta place. We also bought some fresh cheeses, olives, parma proscuitto, and pancetta. Now I'm going to be cooking a big italian pasta dinner for my sweetheart for Valentine's Day.

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  1. Don't forget the white anchovies. Last time @ $12 pound.

    1. I am sold! I think I need to make a trip to Venda!!! Enjoy!

      1. Don't forget stuffed cherry peppers.

        1. You are soooo right about Venda. My family is in Providence; I grew up there and dearly love Rhode Island. On my way back to the Berkshires, I ALWAYS stop there, and pick up stuff...as I say: "I'll let Mr. Costantino make our dinner." Actually, I get overwhelmed by all the choices. It is an incredible store; and, that ain't all...out here in the Berkshires, one cannot find the white anchovies. At Venda, they are available by the ounce...I always stock up...they will keep for a while in the refrigerator. One of the cheese guys is from the Berkshires, North Adams. I do not even know his name, but I greet him with: "Hey, North Adams, how are you?" and he responds to that.

          1. We actually picked up a few of the stuffed cherry peppers. Filled with proscuitto and dry provolone in olive oil. It's also nice to sit and have lunch, or even dessert. A couple was sitting in the cafe area having a glass of chianti and some dessert. They have great gelato, tiramisu. And don't forget about the panini's and subs in the prepared food section. They just sell a little of everything. Wish they would open in NH or even sell wholesale to some of the restaurants. Many of the fresh pasta joints buy wholesale from Venda.

            1. Get addicted to the Vetrano olives! Start with a small container and in a moment's noticed, they'll be gone and you will wish you'd have bought a larger container.

              I have gone from small to large to extra large container and I cannot keep them in the fridge long enough. When I ask who ate them, the silence is deafening.

              1. Love those anchovies. The only other place I've EVER seen them is Sid Wainer and Sons in New Bedford (another GREAT spot).
                Don't miss the real Buffalo Mozzerella in the cheese case...not the fresh cow's milk stuff that you see everwhere. The flavor and texture is out of this world.

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                  Is it Burrata cheese? Has anyone seen that in RI? I am dying to try it.

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                    Not sure...is Burrata a brand name? I can tell you it is imported fresh from Italy. They also have a fresh Ricotta that's wonderful too.

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                      It is an Italian cheese made from Mozzarella and cream. They had it in Williams Sonoma catalog. I sort of looked in whole foods but I did not ask for it. I thought maybe Venda would have it. It sounds delicious!

                    2. re: Alica

                      While buffalo mozzarella and burrata are not synonymous, the DO carry burrata occasionally at Venda. I would recommend calling first, because it's definitely not available all the time. I would also eat it the day you get it.

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                        Thank you!! Anxious to try it!!!

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                      You can get them at Whole Foods, and that store is great fun. But, Venda has real soul. We do not have a Whole Foods out here, but, I have seen them in the one in Cranston, R.I.

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                        Yes! The fresh buffalo mozzarella was being sampled along with a great fontina the day we visited. It is imported from Italy...and it's very good. They had paired it with sliced tomato and fresh basil.

                      2. Although it loses some of its charm in doing so, you can order certain Venda items off of their website...