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Feb 11, 2008 05:12 PM

Mongolian grill-style restaurant in Burlington area?

Hi Chowhounds! My husband and I love eating at the Great Khan Mongolian grill in the Pacific Mall in north Toronto, but we're moving to Burlington and it's just a bit too far to drive for dinner. I know there are Mongolian grill-style restaurants in Waterloo and London, but can anyone tell me if there's one in Burlington or Hamilton? Thanks!

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  1. Going tonight to Cambridge which is why I found your message and signed up here on this pretty nifty site!

    There's been a Mongolian Grill there for nearly 10 years on Hespeler Rd.
    588 Hespeler, Cambridge, ON N1R 6J8, Canada
    (519) 624-4555

    It's a bit different than the PacMall..but still a great place. We're going to Chuck E Cheese to play with the kids afterwards, but I just can't eat that crap (Up)ChuckECheese food...I don't even want to look at the menu there..Yuk!

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      Of course, Cambridge is nearly as far from Burlington as the Pacific Mall.


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        I'm sorry to have to disagree, but I didn't enjoy this place very much. Agree that it would be great for kids or a group with varied tastes, since everyone can pick their own stuff. But the quality/choice of the ingredients (esp. salad bar and noodle options) just didn't do it for me.

        That said, it's still a fun experience for what it is. Will have to hop up to the Pacific Mall to try that place sometime... if anyone has a rec for a downtown Toronto (or Hamilton!) restaurant that does this, it'd be muchly appreciated!

        (PS: Yes, Cambridge is equally far, but I feel it is a much more relaxing drive than into North GTA.)