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Feb 11, 2008 04:38 PM

Chicago pizza chain opening in Corona - Rosati's [Moved from L.A. board]

I work occasionally up in Corona and noticed a Rosati's is opening on the southwest corner of California and Ontario in the strip mall where the FedEx-Kinko's is located. I'm from Chicago and although Rosati's is not my first choice for pizza (I'm a Lou Mal Gal) ....I'm still pretty happy they're opening. I like their thin better than the pan...but I'll take both at this point. I talked very briefly with the owners and they are native Chicagoans. I specifically asked about the sausage and he said that it would be coming from Chicago...yay! They open on Tuesday the 12th.

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  1. Sounds promising, the Inland Empire is truly a pizza wildnerness.

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      Actually, lamppost pizza in corona at main street is excellent.

    2. Wow, Chicago is really invading SoCal, especially the Inland Empire. Rosati's in Corona tomorrow and a 2nd Portillo's in Moreno Valley next month.

      Rosati's is a well known suburban Chicago based chain, most well known for their thin crust pizza. They have fractured into to ownership groups which both use the Rosatis name (Google it and you'll see 2 distinct websites) and both have franchised pretty heavily. Although the quality seems to vary widely from location to location (and some say one of the Rosati's ownership groups is better and has tighter quality control than the other), it is generally a very good product that they put out, and I for one will be making the trek to check out out very soon...maybe even tomorrow.

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        rsmbob, how does the thin compare to aurelio's?

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          I think the pizzas are similar...straight-ahead just good thin crust pizza. My recollection of the 2 says that Aurelio's has a sweeter sauce while Rosati's pizzas had more cheese.

          The big thing for many is that Aurelio's is defined by the large restauranrt in Homewood that is Aurelio's "mother ship", while Rosati's 9at least to my knowledge) are more defined as small take-out places. In fact, before I head out to Corona to check out the new CA Rosati's, i will call them to find out if they have tables...if not, then we will need to find somewhere to eat it as it's a 45 minute or so drive back home!

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            Agree with your comments on Aurelio;s. Aurelio's was never my fav but the sauce was definitely prominent and as you mention "sweet". I knew many in the southwest suburbs who preached the glory of Aurelio's. I have had Rosati's in the past but not recently. It was a good pizza but many of the places in Chicago were good so it did not stick out to me. However, given the rarity of Chicago pizza places out here I look forward to your comments on Rosati's.

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              it depends on what one orders at Aurelio's but at their Homewood location the pizza was remarkable. but there are many great pizza places of a similar vein in that area.
              I hope Colita has a similar style, square cut... Too bad for some of us that it is so far from LA proper

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              FYI, I made the call and they are primarily take-out but they did say there are 5-6 small tables to eat at.

              Looking forward to hearing a review from someone out there!

        2. Nice. I used to eat at the Rosati's in Las Vegas when i lived there. Their pizza is good for a chain.
          Better than any Pizza Hut,Dominos,Round Table,Little Caesars,Sbarros.

          1. I live in the Eastvale section of Corona. Does this chain deliver or do I need to pick up? What will a medium pizza cost me? We had Marcello's last night because they mediocre. We will try Rosati's next time we order a pie.

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            1. Went there tonight and ordered the thin. Loved it. The sauce is great and it really reminded me of a place I used to eat at in the burbs growing up in Illinois. This place is mostly take out so be warned. Also, we ordered the deep dish Chigao style last weekend and it was great. Again, the sauce really makes the pizza...brought back such found memories of Gino's and Lou's. If you intend on ordering a deep dish, call and order in'll be ready for you when you get there. If not it takes 30 - 45 minutes. Enjoy!