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Dec 3, 2001 06:38 PM


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anybody know a place that has oden, i cannot even find a place that serves it let alone good

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  1. What is oden? Are you referring to the Japanese noodle dish UDON?

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    1. re: glen

      oden is a broth with assorted pieces of fish and other things you can get just about anywhere in japan even am pm. they serve the broth and you pick the pieces you want with it. usually served with hot mustard. i have asked all of my japanese friends and they just laugh and tell me oden is only served in japan. the friends i have that have had it here say you cannot get the proper ingredients here. i can't find it anywhere, good or bad ingredients. and yes i know what udon is , oden is a soup. no noodles, well i have never seen it that way.

      1. re: ryan

        Yabu (on Pico) served oden in the winter years past. Not sure if it's back on the menu for this winter.

    2. It's usually available at the Torrance Nijiya. They sell it prepackaged with broth, and also have packs of some of the strange vegetable items without broth so you can make it yourself. I dont think its very good there, but sometimes I get it when I feel nostalgic for the stuff.

      1. This might not be much help to you as I'm in NYC, but recently I saw a large packaged Oden, (broth and all) in a Japanese grocery store. Maybe you can find them there in LA's larger grocery stores, too.

        We CAN get Oden here in NYC but I've only seen it in two locations of one restaurant. So far I've had suji(beef tendon) and the daikon, both were good.

        Good luck with your search!