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Feb 11, 2008 04:37 PM

Gluten Free diet at an all-inclusive????

I know this seems like a tall order...but has anyone been to a GREAT all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean/Mexico that not only has awesome food; but can cater to a Gluten Free diet? Any leads are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Aparently Bob and Ruth's travel has had repeated success with some Club Med resorts (I couldn't tell you which ones except Punta Cana which they are at currently). I couldn't find any info on the Club Med sight about their policies regarding special diets, though. I'll be curious to hear if you come across any other info, as I am looking too. Oh, I just remembered, in a back issue of Living Without, they profiled an all-inclusive with GF offerings. Sorry I don't have anything more specific on that, but perhaps if you visit their website they'll have more info there. Cheers!

    1. Although it is not an all inclusive, all Ritz Carltons will cater to a gluten-free diet.....Personal experience.

      1. Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda also very accomodating to my husband's need for gluten free. Not traditional "all-inclusive", but they have a meal plan that is a great deal.

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          1. I am a travel agent and know a few that will not accommodate the diet. Let us know where you end up. I have a client who has Celiacs Disease and he travels all over the Caribbean. I believe most items have gluten free items but what is your experience in other travels?

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          2. Bob & Ruth's go to a different Club Med in the Carribean each year - and Bob and Ruth do all the consultation with kitchen staff for us, so that we get to enjoy the full buffet (with any problematic dishes clearly marked), as well as a table of special treats (including some great desserts) made especially for us. I've just come back from my third trip with them (to Cancun - last year was Ixtapa, the year before Punta Cana, and they're working on Turks & Caicos for next year). I've enjoyed having a vacation completely free of worrying about food. You could probably eat gluten-free relatively safely at these Club Meds with chefs who have worked with Bob and Ruth, so long as you're willing to consult with staff about what's safe to eat and what's not - though I do love having Bob and Ruth do this for us, and have enjoyed the group we've travelled with each year.