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Feb 11, 2008 04:30 PM

Best Scallion Pancake?

Saw a mention in one of the other posts that got me thinking - what are hound opinions on the best source for Scallion Pancakes in town? I saw one vote for King Fung in a prior post. What's your favorite and why? Who has the best sauce (I prefer gingery sauces, not too salty or tasing overly of soy sauce)?

My favorite of late has been Little Q hotpot in Quincy - their pancakes are light, crispy and not greasy at all. However, they serve them with a thick hoisin sauce not a dipping sauce. I'm a pancake dipper, not a sauce spreader ...

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  1. I'd agree with King Fung. Crispy, many-layered, not greasy, notable scallion presence.

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      This perfectly describes the scallion pancakes at Red Chili in Framingham, as well...The layers seem to be hand-crafted; amazing!

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        Mmm, yes. Do they have sauce, though? I remember when my college crowd went there, we would mix our own dipping sauce from soy sauce, rice vinegar and chili sauce at the table.

      2. I like the ones at Mary Chung's. They are denser (which may not be to everyone's taste), but consequently richer and chewier. And IMO the dipping sauce is outstanding.

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          I like them there as well, but then again I like the denser/chewier pancakes more than the proper kind.

        2. While I do love KFG's scallion pancakes, my new favorite is Sichuan Garden's. Perfection.

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          1. re: jackal

            Jackal is wise -- pancakes at Sichuan Garden have a crisp texture on the outside and a bit chewy on the inside. Nice scallion flavor. Good dipping sauce...and the chili sauces from your dishes also go well.

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              This is a nice Scallion Pancake from SG. Pretty thin with a crispy exterior and a toothsome, chewy interior and a nice ginger dipping sauce which compliments it very well. Best served from the kitchen. Microvaves OK but not nearly as well as freshly prepared and served on site

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              1. I know there has been a lot of talk of Wangs in Somerville lately but I have to give it up to them. Crispy, flaky, & surprisingly not greasy at all. They also have a salt or sweet pie which is similar without the scallions & yummy too.