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Feb 11, 2008 03:21 PM

Has success spoiled the owners of Moim? Answer is a resounding "YES"

I went to Moim on Saturday night at 7 p.m. with two friends to celebrate my birthday.
We waited patiently until the last of our party arrived and the hostess told us it would be
a 10 minute wait. Around 10 minutes later the hostess told us she had a table for us but
two of us would have to sit together and share one side of the table. It was a single table
designed to seat two people (one on each end of the table) and she expected two adults to share the same end of the table! There was another single table right next to this table but the hostess didn't offer to push the tables together! We said "no we aren't sitting there like that"! We were astonished that someone would suggest such a ridiculous seating arrangement. We decided to leave but we wanted the hostess to know why we were leaving. The hostess was very apologetic telling us that the OWNERS DO NOT ALLOW THE HOSTESSES TO MOVE TWO SINGLE TABLES TOGETHER TO SEAT THREE PEOPLE WHEN THE RESTAURANT IS BUSY! She could seat three people at a table that fits 4 people -- whenever one of those would be available. I'm sorry but I find that policy to be totally unacceptable and obnoxious.

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  1. Did they give you the option to wait for a 4-top to open up? Most restaurant seating policies exist to protect the wait staff.

    1. We recently had a reservation for six and they sat us at what had to be a four top right next to the wait station. 'That sucked, but admittedly, the rest of the meal was quite enjoyable. Nothing over the top, but we all had a fun night and enjoyed the food, sake and the company. It also may have been partially our fault as one person in our party was a bit on the late side. I'm not running back tomorrow, but I find it to be a nice option in the neighborhood.

      1. That is just too bizarre -and very disappointing. And, in my opinion, low class.

        I have never been to a neighborhood restaurant (or any restaurant), where the restaurant has tried to force three people to sit at a table for two. Our experience is that the staff always, always pushes two small tables together to accommodate three people!

        I guess we will not go back to Moim, after all. It has been a while... and if that truly is their attitude (i.e. "customer comes last"), it does not feel like a place where we would feel like spending our money...

        We actually tried hard to like the place at first, because we appreciated the effort, the design, etc, but after about 4 visits we had to admit that we were not crazy about the food. Most of it felt bland (like the shrimp chive cakes, just stunningly boring), some of it off the charts strong, badly balanced - if I remember correctly, that was the crab meat salad (like eating out of a horse radish jar) (=just a way to describe)... the fish dish (black cod), at first tasted pretty good, but was a surprisingly heavy dish that did not leave a happy feeling in our stomachs. Yes, we had many other dishes, and also got to taste friend's dishes, but none of it managed to make us fans.
        I have been entertaining the idea of giving them one more chance, but after hearing how arrogant they have become toward paying patrons, I lost my appetite.

        Dear restaurant owners, all over the neighborhood, and everywhere else: remember, you are running a business and you need customers. Even if you are very popular in the beginning, it would be wise to build good relations with everyone, so that if / when the honeymoon (i.e. the novelty factor of your restaurant) is over, you will still have enough customers who want to spend their time and their dime at your house.

        1. The original comment has been removed