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Feb 11, 2008 03:13 PM

islamorada florida

Looking for recommendations for restaurants in Islamorada. Would like one for a special occasion dinner.

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  1. Marker 88 is quite good. Anything at Cheeca Lodge will be stunning, but you will be more stunned by the check.
    Bentley's is very good, casual dining.
    Stay away from the buffet joints. Mediocre.

    1. We like Manny & Isa's Kitchen great cuban food at reasonable prices and Key Lime pie. The specials is what makes us coming back for more. The place is not fancy but home cooked food.

      1. Its quite clear; Pierre's.

        I dont know why noone on here has mentioned it.

        1. Marker 88 is THE BEST for amazing seafood, particularly their innovative yellowtail snapper entrees. Cheeca Lodge is good, but not as good as Marker 88. The ambience at Cheeca Lodge, however, makes it worth the price.