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Dec 3, 2001 02:52 PM

LA - Restaurant for "One Year" Anniversary?

  • j

In search of restaurant suggestions for 1-year anniversary dinner. Can also suggest favorite menu items for reference.

My wife and I are ex-New Yorkers, and love to try great local restaurants. Does not need to have celebrity appeal. Atmosphere and highest quality of food is key! Cuisine type can vary. Location can be downtown, West Side, or even towards Studio City.


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  1. j
    john gonzales

    These are all on the pricey side, but some of my favorites when it comes to great surroundings and service, very good food (albeit not exoctic in most cases).

    Hotel Bel Air
    La Cachette
    Il Cielo
    The Belvedre

    1. For a one-year anniversary, i'd say either Cafe Four Oaks in Beverly Glen or Saddle Peak Lodge off of Malibu Canyon.