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Feb 11, 2008 02:58 PM

Italian helppppppp !!!

I am having my Aunt visit from LA and she is in town on business. I have already tried to make resi's at A voce and Lupa and no such luck. We want dinner at 7:30 ish on Wed. Any help would be much appreciated. I want to take her to a somewhat fun hip place and want good food. Midtown and UES preferable for location but am willing to go to other places around manhattan as well. She is also taking me out to dinner so I don't want to break her bank. Please help, I have been looking online forever and nothing is popping out at me.

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  1. I don't know anywhere in your chosen areas, but if you're willing to go elsewhere, my favs in the city are Crispo, Peasant, and Apizz.

    1. If you like Lupa you will be very happy with Crispo.

      1. Tony's Di Napoli on 2nd and 83rd has a fantastic red sauce. We enjoyed everything we ate there...and everything on the tables around us looked great too.

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          I have to disagree about tony's.... ive always found it incredibly boring. The food is just fine, but the atmosphere is awful.

          On the UES, i would recommend Uva (77th and 2nd). It has a fabulous hip atmosphere and good food. Baroanda (75th? and 2nd) could work too, though its a bit loud. Mediterraneo (66th and 2nd) is also fairly good.... specifically their papparadelle with duck ragu and their tiramisu. Oh, theres also a new, fairly hip place on 64th? and 1st called felice wine bar- ive only been for apps, but everything was tasty.

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            Thanks so much, after checking some of the places out it looks like UVA will be the winner. Good prices and decent menu. Thanks to all that replied I really appreciate it.