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Feb 11, 2008 02:40 PM

Atlanta: Downtown restaurant w/private room?

Hi, all--

Bay Area chowhound here with a question. I'm going to be in ATL for a business meeting in early April, and it suddenly has fallen to me to arrange a dinner meeting for about 10 people. I'm looking for a nice place with a private room close to the Hyatt Regency downtown. A quiet restaurant where they would tolerate an extremely slow pace would be ideal. We'll be a group of rumpled academics from various parts of the world, and good-quality food and pleasant service are more important than any particular cuisine. My limit is something like $60 per person, including drinks, so it would need to be moderately priced.

I'm panicking a bit over here. Thanks so much for any advice!

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  1. City Grill is a gorgeous restaurant, nice private room upstairs, walking distance to the Hyatt. Prime Meridian at the Omni Hotel is another safe bet, overlooks Centennial Park. FAB (French American Bistro) has excellent French food, (at Allen Plaza) it has acres of space and I'm sure there's a private room there somewhere. You might try Eno in Midtown, an easy cab or MARTA from the Hyatt, it's small & quiet with an extensive wine list

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      Thanks for your recommendations! I've also been told to look at Ray's in the City and Django (although it looks like Django might be better for a *real* dinner + drinks rather than a meeting). Any thoughts on those?

      Thanks again.

      1. re: banchory bolo

        I went to Ray's for a company dinner last week. They don't have a room, but there is a smaller section in the back where they put us. Relatively quiet, but then they seated other people at the 2 smaller, empty tables in that section, which felt a little like letting outsiders encroach on our space.

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          Haven't been to either. Django is more a lounge/club than a restaurant. Might not be ideal for 10 rumpled academics! Food Studio is another excellent choice, a bit off the grid location wise, at the King Plow Arts Center.

          This may be a weird suggestion, but the Sundial at the Peachtree Plaza could be cool. It's a rotating restaurant with an incredible view of the city. Not sure about the food but you can't beat the view!

      2. Not sure about pricing, but you might also consider Room at Twelve (Centennial Park). Short walk to your hotel and able to accommodate your party with ease.