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Feb 11, 2008 01:51 PM

PuertoRican in Chicago?

Anywhere, by chance, to get pasteles or other authentic PR cuisine?

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  1. My research shows the following Puertorican restaurants;

    La Palma
    La Cocina de Galarza (same as La Cocina Criolla)
    Cafe Bolero (cuban but sells pasteles and empanadas)
    Cafe Borincuba
    Cafe Colao
    El Arpa
    La Bruquena
    May St Cafe

    Can anyone vouch for any of these?

    I am specifically looking for pasteles and empanadas

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    1. re: Amelie

      Yeah, there are quite a few Puerto Rican restaurants and some that bake their own pasteles and empanadas, etc.

      1. re: Amelie

        May St Café- is pretty good Nuevo Latino no pasteles
        Coco-. Nuevo Latino w/ Puerto Rican influence (great live music and dancing.)
        Café Bolero- Good cuban I also like Café LaGuardia
        Café Calao-- great bakery and café shop excellent café con leche
        Rumba – Nuevo Latino and some emapanadas (no pasteles )

        La Bruquena-- not fancy but yes you will find great no frills traditional Puerto Ricans dishes, pasteles, empanadas, bacalaitos, alcapurrias, relleons, lechon….
        Borinquen Restaurant – also not fancy but authentic Puerto Rican dishes indeed-- try the Jibarito
        Sabor Latino- Easy take-out-- pasteles

        Fellow Puerto Rican Foodie

      2. Cafe Central, Chicago ave & Bishop.