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Feb 11, 2008 01:43 PM

hunt valley maryland + not a chain!

hi all,
this philadelphia hound is traveling down for a business function coming up in hunt valley and i am charged with planning a happy hour / light dinner. i usually reserve us a corner and pre-order a menu. we have a very tough restriction of 5 minutes or less from the hunt valley marriott on shawan rd. i have another personal restriction, must have fabulous food and no chains! :) we've done the oregon grille before, but not for years since i used to live/work in maryland... is it still good? i've seen that ginormous new shopping center but have not yet explored much - is there anything good in there?
in particular, i'm dyyyyyyying for a good crabcake but certainly need to meet the other two restrictions first. i can really eat anything tasty!
thanks all!

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  1. Given your restrictions, Oregon Grille is really the only choice. There is nothing worthwhile in the shopping center.

    1. have you been to Christopher Daniel?
      its delicous and fits most of your requirments.

      1. Five minutes or less from the Hunt Valley Marriott? You've really asked for a tough order by eliminating the chains.

        Jesse Wong's Asean Bistro is on the top level of the Hunt Valley Town Center. Jesse owns "Hong Kong" in Columbia but I wouldn't call them a chain because the two restaurants are completely different.

        Christopher Daniel is just barely within your five minute rule. But it is quite good.

        You didn't state what kind of place (fancy or casual). Ashland Cafe is more diner but it's in Cockeysville on York Road very nearby.

        Oregon Grille is definitely the fanciest and is still well-regarded.

        But if Padonia Road can be your southern cut-off point, then there's more than just Christopher Daniel. The Corner Stable is a fun place for babyback ribs and broasted chicken. Edo Sushi in the Padonia Village Shopping Center is pretty good. The Treehouse is kind of "meh."

        I live in Hunt Valley and it's pretty tough to find a non-chain place around here, but not impossible.

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        1. re: onocoffee

          The problem with these suggestions is "business function" and "happy hour." That would rule out Corner Stable and Ashland, not to mention that Ashland isn't open for dinner and doesn't serve alcohol. Jesse Wong's isn't a chain, but it's not something I'd recommend either.

          If one considers Padonia within the 5 minute rule (and I don't), then CD would be ok. You could even push it further south and include Bluestone, which is servicable.

          But if you consider all of the OP's criteria, Oregon Grille is the only place that meets them.

          1. re: JonParker

            Actually Jon, Ashland Cafe is open for dinner. I think they made the change sometime in 2007.

            1. re: onocoffee

              Really? That's good news. It's pretty tasty diner-style food, although it's still not a place for a business happy hour.

        2. There is Fazzini's on Crabrook Road in Cockeysville for homemade pasta.

          Fazzini Italian Kitchen
          578 Cranbrook Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030

          1. For what it is, Andy Nelson's is great barbecue, definitely not a chain and only 2 minutes away.


            Andy Nelsons Southern Pit Barbecue
            11007 York Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030