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Feb 11, 2008 12:55 PM

Mitsuwa "Legendary Ramen Fair"

Heads up! Three of the Mitsuwa Marketplace locations (Torrance, Costa Mesa, and San Diego) will be featuring a rotation of three top Japanese ramen shops over the course of the next few weekends as part of their "Legendary Ramen Festival" lol. Two have been here before - Chibakiya (Tokyo Shoyu - San Diego only looks like) and Sumire (Sapporo Miso), and one is new as far as I can tell - Asameshi Maeda Honten, which serves a shoyu tonkotsu ramen out of Asahikawa in Japan (hometown to Santouka as well).

Here's the schedule:

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  1. Great - Thanks for the heads up.

    Whats the deal - why does San Diego get to have all 3??

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    1. re: Zadok

      well to be fair, sumire and chibaki-ya have featured at torrance in the recent past. so maybe this will be san diego's first chance to partake of them?

    2. Thanks for the heads up! Bummer I've never heard of this event before.

      1. Ah, Santouka. My local Mitsuwa got a Santouka last year (it replaced Tampopo), and MY GOD. The regular ramens aren't great, but the special pork ramen?! Good in all flavors, I swear. I usually get shoyu or spicy miso. SO GOOD. And aside from a fishcake on the plate of meat, there's no fish in it, which is a major plus for me. I cannot eat fish. The last time I had ramen that I assumed was a pork/chicken broth, it was dashi and I spent the rest of my birthday that year puking. Ugh.

        This is why I, unfortunately, will be skipping those three places, as I notice they either use dashi, or just put fish in it. Which is unfortunate, since I love ramen, and would have been really excited to attend one of these weekends.

        1. damn, this looks awesome rameniac,
          i will be up north on my own legendary food tour this weekend:

          but i will be able to hit up Asameshi Maeda Honten for dinner in torrance.
          let me know if you have any interest in meeting up for a slurp fest!

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          1. re: modernist

            that would be fun modernist! although i'm not sure i'll be back in time for this particular ramen fest. enjoy norcal, and hit up some tung kee noodle lol!

            1. re: rameniac

              no noodles for me up north this time.
              but im gonna hit mitsuwa around noon on sunday.
              the chink with a beard.

          2. Oh.. My.. I am so ready for that. Thanks for the heads up. And thank goodness for living in Torrance. =P

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            1. re: mstinawu

              Hell, those of us that don't live in Torrance will still be making an appearance! Downtowners unite! :)

              I'm always missing the food festivals at Mitsuwa because I never know ahead of time. Now I have no excuse.