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Feb 11, 2008 12:49 PM

Glastonbury CT - Anna's on Main

Hi, been seeing signs on the building and just thought they were renovating, but today I drove by and all the signs are completly changed to South Tavern....anybody know what happened. I hadn't been to Anna's in ages, wasn't crazy about it, but had no idea they might be closing/under new ownership...

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  1. I had heard that annas was changing but do not know much about it. Jay

    1. Just got back from lunch at South Tavern. It is the same owner but they changed the menu a bit and did some minor updating to the place. The food was okay. My coworker had a burger which he said was very good. The waitress mixed up his order giving him a bacon burger rather than the mushroom burger he asked for. Still good though and she comped him his wine. My coworker noted that this was a problem he experienced here before.

      I had the Buffalo Chicken sandwich which was very good. The only thing bad were the steak fries served with the meals. They weren't cooked enough and were kind of an odd color. Looked reheated. The thinner ones were better but still not done enough.

      Sandwich prices were about $8 which is pretty good for this area. I do not think we will go out of our way to go there again but it was worth a try for something different. Jay

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        thanks for the speedy review! Did they indicate why all the changes?

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          The waitress said to "keep up with the times" for whatever that means. Like I said, the food was okay. The burgers and sandwiches were good but the steak fries were aweful. They did have a number of tables full at lunch but they were mostly older people. Not many workers in South Glastonbury. Jay

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            I enjoyed several meals at the original Anna's on Main, but the recent gyrations of menu and names there say one thing to me: RIP. Sorry.

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              I suppose this thread should be called South Tavern now that they have renamed it. I'm not sure what's going on, since the food doesn't seem to be spectacular, but I have driven by at different times and different days and the parking lot always seems to have lots of cars. I guess my report of their demise was premature! Anyone venture in since Jay and fierce?

      2. If it's the same people who owned Annas on Main, these people should not be in the restaurant business. The service at Annas was horrible. The food was inedible. I doubt a new name will make a difference.

        1. The Anna's people own a diner on Silver Lane in E Hartford which is pretty average. Anna's On Main was supposed to be a venture into more upscale dining and I thought they started out well, though unevenly. Problem is - no market. Last I heard they were reverting to the lunch and dinner items they serve in E Hartford. Maybe the thought of competing w 2 Hopewell was too daunting.

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            Actually the Anna's on Silver Lane is really a pizza place. It is good and the couple of times I have eaten there, it was what you would expect from a place like that. When I had lunch at South Tavern, I was surprised at how many people were ther for lunch. It is located in a small village area that has no businesses to support a restaurant, but there were people there. they were mostly retirees and trades people (carpenters, plumbers, etc.) working in the area. I do not think they are even the same league as 2hopewell which is very upscale and now drawing people from outside the immediate neighborhood to eat there. Jay

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              My father and I ate at Anna's Pizza once and found it to be okay, but not great. If I'm not mistaken, I think that they placed the pizza toppings under the cheese there, instead of on top.

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                The anna's on Silver lane is a great breakfast place on is what it is..friendly people...decent food....nothing fancy

          2. Never had the pizza at Anna's as it always seemed too trendy and fru-fru, but the food was always good...The place was always packed whenever I drove by.