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Dinner party for about 50 in June

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Hello All,

Need recommendations for a sit down corporate dinner (usually three course) in Seattle. Venue last year in Denver http://www.solerarestaurant.com/index... was a big hit. Looking for regional cuisine. Thanks in advance.

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  1. How about the Palace Ballroom. Across from the Palace Kitchen, will easily hold your group. Catering can take care of arrangements and any menu you like. AT a recent event there, we had Tom Douglas serving up crab cakes for us.

    Otherwise, almost any restaurant will close for you with a food minimum. I've talked to Cafe Juanita about it before. Do you have a budget in mind?

    1. I've been to several wine events in the Palace Ballroom and it is great! Nice to have a large space and yes, Tom is often there slicing or serving and mingling. The only other plus your group might enjoy is a view.