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Feb 11, 2008 12:31 PM

Best "Milk Kosher" (super-kosher!) Restaurant

I have a friend who is an orthodox Jew and who needs to eat at a very strictly Kosher place and has the certifications to prove it. I'm a vegetarian and don't want to eat at a "meat kosher" place but instead a place that has dairy (or a vegan place would be ok too). What are our best options?

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  1. you might want to try the kosher board (i think there is one) but I dont think you can do much better then Le Creperie on the UWS and My Most Favorite Food in midtown.

    1. what about diamond dairy in the diamond district? check menupages for the menu, but im pretty sure its glatt kosher

      1. If you like Indian food, a lot of the vegetarian restaurants in Curry Hill are certified Kosher.

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          Amen to that, Needle. Indian food is the best kosher food, IMO.

        2. I second posting thos also on the Kosher board of Chowhound - but another sourse to check is - yo can search Manhattan and limit the results to dairry

          1. Don't bother with Le Creperie or My Most Favorite. Ozu on Amsterdam and 87th is great macro food - it has kosher certification, but by a rabbi that some would not hold by, so ask your friend.

            Sacred Chow is a vegan tapas place in the W. Village - ditto with checking - it has a kosher certificate, but check with your friend just in case.

            There are a bunch of kosher Indian places in the E. 20s around Lexington - Madras Mahal is one place that most people hold by.

            Murray's on 1st and 15th is a fabulous (and completely kosher) but casual option. The food is very good.

            More upscale, Le Marais (steakhouse but with some fish/vegetarian options) in midtown, or Va Bene (UES dairy) are both very good.