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Feb 11, 2008 12:19 PM

Simon Pearce in Quechee, VT?

Celebrating a special anniversary in the Quechee, VT, area this weekend and looking for a special dinner. Should we go to Simon Pearce or is there something better (in terms of food) in a reasonable driving distance that we should try instead? Thanks for any thoughts.

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  1. Reasonable driving distance could be a long but scenic drive in VT, right? First I think Simon Pearce is a great idea--I had a memorable meal there and even better, discovered that pinot from New Zealand can rival the west coast (and I am extremely west-coast-biased). It's a beautiful restaurant but then, Quechee was a great choice on your part. Have also celebrated a birthday weekend at Jackson House Inn (?) in Woodstock area which was fabulous (and maybe an even better wine list) but back then they did a "Rest and Restoration" closure after the holidays so, check. They had a young chef, spoke to every table, featured in Bon Apetit I think. Also enjoyed a place near Killington called Hemingway's, a bit of a stretch from Quechee. Restaurants in the general area that I've been to are listed here are in the order of preference. Interested to see other replies and where you end up!

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      I agree with everything you said Julie!! We have been up to Simon Pierce for many a special occasion. It is beautiful! I love their blown glass. We went to the Jackson House quite a few times, we stay there and have enjoyed some great dinners. I have not heard any recent reviews so I would check further. Hemingways is a great 5 star restaurant. Each time we went we did the 5 course tasting with wine. The food was fabulous.

    2. You will not be disappointed in any way with Simon Pearce: great food, great wine list, beautiful and romantic atmosphere, ask for a table overlooking the river.

      You would also not be disappointed in Jackson House Inn in Woodstock, another outstanding choice with great food, great wine list, lovely surroundings.

      I've eaten at both in November, and was delighted.

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        The chef at Jackson House has recently left.

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          I would do a search on the boards for the jackson house -it seems with the new ownership that it has really gone downhill and with the award winning chef leaving....who knows.
          Simon peirce is a great choice for lunch but the atmosphere (IMHO) is a little sterile for a romanitc meal. But if your heart is set on it then I would go to the parker house inn accross from it for a drink first to set the romantic mood.

          1. re: professorbeezer

            Then get a room upstairs when the romantic mood is sufficiently set!

      2. We've been going to Simon Pearce almost since they opened in 1983. Lunches and dinners have all been very well executed, flavorful and delicious. Service is very good, and the resturant is beautiful. Another reason I like Simon Pearce is they are very conscious of the restaurant's impact on the environment. They have recycled for years, and convert canola oil leftover from the restaurant for the chef's car. They also support local farmers/growers. I like a restaurant with a conscience.