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Dec 1, 2001 01:11 PM

Yujean kang on Melrose closed, any recommendations for great Chinese?

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I really liked their food, but always figured it was just a matter of time as it was never consistently busy. So recommendations please in the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area for "great" Chinese food. Thanks.

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    Michael Robertson Moore

    THEY CLOSED?! When? That's awful.

    1. There is no "great" Chinese food in West Hollywood/Beverly Hills.

      1. i tried lucky duck the other night and i thought it was excellent. everything i ordered was great, when i asked how the chilean seabass was cooked the waiter sent out phillip chang to explain it which was nice.

        1. I like Mandarette on Beverly in West Hollywood. I lived in NYC for a while and they have a menu that most closely resembles the Schezwan places we used to eat there -- good scallion pancakes and sesame noodles. I took my college roommate there (she's Taiwanese and her father's in the restaurant business in NYC), and with her help chatting with the owner we had a delicious meal.