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Feb 11, 2008 11:58 AM

Chikalicious Puddin'--- worth it?

I tried Chikalicious Puddin'- the chocolate, vanilla, and brioche varieties last week and wasn't that impressed. I thought I'd like chocolate the most, it was actually more bitter/tangy (than sweet) for my liking. Vanilla and brioche were good but I was underwhelmed for the price ($4 and change)... I'm curious as to what others think, will this place last???

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  1. I was unfortunately taken by this ripoff, as well.
    I try to have an open mind but I would say if 1/10 places that are new or I have not tried before were even decent, it would be more than reality. And out of those, I have already filtered the list A LOT.
    If you look at the clientele at the regular Chik' outpost, you will see that it is not exactly the best tasting panel you would care to have give recommendations. I went on a Sat. night, saw the original and was worried but had made the trip, so I got the pudding, anyhow.
    It is amazing how places charge what they do for what I say is a "sample" size. And I am well familiar with European sizes if someone wants to say that other places are the same.
    This place is just a complete SCAM and not good at any price.

    If you want to get ripped off but have something good at a "talked about place", go to Dessert Truck. Barely more money, 5 bux vs 4.50+tax. Also, quite small BUT much more density AND it is actually good. Though charging 5 bux for that small a serving from a truck is a bit of an outrage when the best place in town who pays a very high rent is the same or less.

    Again, Dessert Truck does deliver on quality. One of the few to even qualify, amongst the many. If you care about value or just not to overpay people for being "in" or having a following of people who make it popular when it shouldn't be, it might bother you, as it does me. Also, only open in the evening, another negative. It is good on an absolute scale, though.

    In the end, I just end up back at the best. If nobody is better or cheaper, why do I try to "expand my horizons"? That is for people who don't know and just like "new" spots or are not willing to "travel"(yeah, really hard in Manhattan) for the best or even just good.

    Another note, had the choco and brioche at Chik Pudd. Choco was ok, decent in fact, though I didn't care for the crunchy dusting. The touch of bitter I thought was fine, I don't need a super corn syrupped Jello version. The brioche?that bread was a disgrace.

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    1. re: gambit50

      Haven't tried the dessert truck but this is the first warning I've come across about portions.... is everything tiny, including the hot cocoa?

      1. re: sugartoof

        Same size cup from what I saw but I did not personally have EVERY item.
        I can speak only for the solid desserts, not the hot cocoa, sorry 'toof.
        Again, the price is pretty outrageous(these types of issues cause me a bit of agita, as you can see), the serving small,
        it is very good in taste(perhaps better) and quality(same). So it is pretty rich and depending on your eating habits or how full you are at the time, might be fine.
        Not to say that nowhere else has servings just as small, in fact, I should perform a measurement. Though then I have to make a trip AFTER 6 and get hosed again.
        Seriously, it is from a truck, shouldn't that be taken into account?
        If you go, I doubt you will be disappointed, especially if you are into chocolate.

    2. i went there this weekend, tried the vanilla pudding and was very, very, underwhelmed.
      the puddings are not American style creamy, silky, thick custard-y puddings---so when i went inside, my hopes were dashed. that's kinda what i expect when i see "pudding" in the name. instead it's a sweet, moist cake in a cup, with vanilla sauce poured generously on top. this way, with each bite of the cake, you get a spoonful of sauce. You can see the vanilla bean flecks and the sauce is warm, unthickened by any fillers so it's very liquid. But overall, i found myself craving real "pudding" or at least a custard/creme/flan, instead of vanilla-soaked cake.

      I didn't even finish it. I chucked the rest in the can and wondered if Beard Papa's was still open.

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      1. re: asianbun

        I quite liked the vanilla pudding from chik pud but agree that it is a bit of a rip off and I wouldn't rush back. Tiny portion and while I liked it it wasn't blow me away good. I much prefer the original chikalicous...

      2. i went to get the sample size, they didn't have i got some of the chocolate chip cookies.

        i had a couple cute quips i started to type, but instead, i'll just say: i won't get them again, and wouldn't recommend them.

        the 'main' chikalicious, however, was wonderful when we went saturday night.

        1. via NY Mag:

          "Dessert Club, ChikaLicious (203 E. 10th St.; 212-995-9511), the takeout outpost of Chika Tillman’s sleek dessert bar across the street. Although the shop sells sophisticated puddings and an array of cupcakes, of which the ganache-filled, toasted-marshmallow-topped s’mores is the standout ($2.25), we tend to ignore these tempting distractions. We refrain from Dessert Club’s fro-yo, too, in favor of a simple unadorned cone of the superior vanilla-bean soft-serve ice cream ($2.90), whose pure, unalloyed flavor might be the best in town."

          Hmmm, so they have soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt and cupcakes now, too? Has anybody tried them?

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          1. re: kathryn

            Do you remember the size cup cakes mom made in 1965 or before? Small as that. The cake is quite light, the sweetness about half of Magnolia sugar shock level, the frostings are a light buttercream with gentle excellent flavors. Small, light, and, gentle are not what a lot of people want in cup cakes. I like them after neighborhood ramen or a big meal. The price is not gentle.

            1. re: wew

              Yes on all accounts, above. Price is $1.6. ; $2 and change for ganache filled. Stellar alternative.

            2. re: kathryn

              Agree...the vanilla soft serve is really excellent. I would go back there for it; whereas, i don't think there is anything else there worth a repeat visit.

              1. re: umai

                Wow, I just had some, and it was fantastic. Real vanilla flavor. Not too sweet. Creamy and delicious. Really nice consistency. And only $2.90 for a small, which filled me up pretty quickly.

              2. re: kathryn

                I've just had the cupcakes there so far, (red velvet and mocha) and I really think they're outstanding! I like that they're not too big and the cake is tender with good frosting at a perfect ratio. In a town with lots of cupcakes (many of them too dry or too big or too greasy) I'm surprised they're not better known for these.

              3. The puddings to me aren't that great. I go for the vanilla bean soft serve and super delicious thin & chewy chocolate chip cookies.