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Feb 11, 2008 11:45 AM

Best pizza in the Tulsa area?

Just curious on opinion on the best pizza (non chain please) in the Tulsa area. I love Mario's for thin crust and being able to order by the slice. Love Savastrano's in Bixby for a huge treat on their massive thick pan pizza. And Hideaway is also a solid choice. But there are so many out there now... Mary Jane's, Pie Hole, Umberto.... to name just the tip of the iceburg that I haven't tried. What are your favorites any why?

Also.... in my opinion the best pizza I've ever had is from "the Scheme" in Salina, Kansas. Unbelievably good pizza. If anyone can find a way to duplicate their crust and sauce I would worship them.

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  1. I haven't had Pie Hole yet but everyone raves about it. I like Joe Momma's at 61st and Garnett. Hideaway is always a great choice. I've yet to try Savastano's and Mario's but plan on trying Mario's since they opened one closer to me.

    1. La Roma, on 61st and Sheridan, next to Savoy.

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        We may give that a try tomorrow. The bf and I are both working late tonight, but both will be in Tulsa tomorrow and off early, so we're off for an early dinner.

        1. re: Firegoat

          The family that owns La Roma is Lebanese. Be sure to try a cabbage roll, as well.

      2. NYC Pizza on Harvard north of I-44. Excellent thin crust New York style pizza. Savastano's does have the best Chicago style pizza in T-town area.

        1. Little Chicago for deep dish. $14 for a large pie. Great sauce, great cheese. My current Tulsa Favorite. Also like Mario's, NYC, and La Roma. The Blue Pizza at Caio used to be pretty good. Also Sonoma has pretty good pizza. Pie Hole can be really good and sometimes not. You just never know. I had a good deep dish at Savistino's, but it is just so far away from me.