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Feb 11, 2008 11:43 AM

Any advice on best Boston brunch?

I'm looking to take a middling sized party for an early brunch in May during my daughter's graduation. Problem is, I haven't had brunch in Boston in decades. Any hints as to the best places to try? I'd love somewhere relatively close to Fenway/BU area.


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  1. What's the best with anything?

    Ok, here are some ideas Upstair's on the Square, Sel de la Terre, Gargoyle's, etc.

    1. Hmm... any particular atmosphere? What is middling size?

      In Fenway, Eastern Standard ( is a sophisticated
      option. Food, raw bar, and drinks are consistently good.

      Beacon Street Tavern is not too far from Fenway and has good food and a nice outside patio. The Elephant Walk ( has excellent French-Cambodian food. This is not your typical bacon and eggs place so be sure and take a look at the menu.

      1. Henrietta's Table has a wonderful brunch, but it's in the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. It can easily accommodate larger groups, and it's very sunny & pleasant. The food's locally sourced & organic, and it's fantastic, and the service is excellent. Be sure to make an early reservation, wherever you go -- graduation time is a mob scene in this town! If you really want to stay in the neighborhood, I second the Eastern Standard idea. It, too, is capable of handling a large group with grace, and the food's very good. It's right in Kenmore Square.