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Feb 11, 2008 11:25 AM

where to buy lobster - east side

I'm considering making lobster for my girlfriend for v-day
does anyone know a good place to buy them on the east side?

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  1. There's a lobster tank at the 99 Ranch Market on Valley in the huge plaza (what's the name of that?) Those lobsters are HUGE. May not be the best size for eating, though.

    1. Ralph's downtown has a lobster tank, also on Sunset near Echo Park Ave. there's an Asian market with lobster tanks. It's called A-1 or something like that.

      1. Fish King has great main lobsters all the time but right now it is Spiny Lobster season and they are getting them live every AM. Usually they steam them all in the morning but if you call the day before the will keep one alive for you. LOVE those spiny lobsters and when they are fresh in my mind nothing better. That's what my hubby and I are getting for Vday too along with a dozen fanny bays.

        1. Sheesh Maine lobsters. Bad spelling this Monday