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Feb 11, 2008 11:22 AM

Downtown Ottawa treasures?

I'll be travelling back and forth to Ottawa for the next few weeks, and I need food options!

Here's what I'm looking for:

- reasonably priced ($10 - $25)
- anywhere within walking distance of the Rideau center and Byward Market. I've walked down to Elgin, and gone as far as the Scone Witch. I'm willing to go a bit out of my way for something great!
- take-out potential. I loved grabbing a few scones from the Scone Witch for breakfast, and I'll be working in Gatineau out near the Costco, so bringing lunch with me would be a plus. There's only so much food court fare I can stomach.

I'd love to try Dirienzo's Grocery sandwiches, but they seem a tad out of the way.

I'll definitely hit up the Scone Witch again, and The Manx is on my hitlist. Stoneface Dolly's seems to have potential once I work out where exactly it is, and rumour has it that one of the coffee shops here has imported a Synesso, so I'll be sniffing that one out for sure! I think it was the bridgehead?

Any pointers would be appreciated!

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  1. The Bridgehead Coffee with the Synesso is the New Edinburgh location (there are quite a few in the city) on Beechwood (if you head east on Murray St, it turns into Beechwood). Since you are close to the market, you should be able to pick up ingredients for sandwiches and extras at several places (check on Market St and at La Bottega on York St. just east of the Bay entrance). La Bottega also has a counter where you can have sandwiches made up. Check out for lots of other local info.

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      Update on the Synesso, apparently the Dalhousie St location (in the market, north of Rideau St) has one as well as a Clover. For some straightforward, inexpensive Mexican food, there is Ahora also on Dalhousie. Tasty and inexpensive.

    2. Near Sconewitch is Caffe Zucchero at 340 Queen Street. Queen is the next street north of Albert St and the Caffe is directly north of Sconewitch. They have takeout - soups and sandwiches. Decent Italian at good prices. They've been reccommended for breakfast by colleagues/friends but I've never been then myself.

      1. Hope this isn't too late.

        If you would like tapas try 222 Lyon. Very small place, good variety to choose from. Tortilla di patata is authentic, and the grilled chorizo is tasty.

        Or if you are here on a Thursday nights Don Alfonso (on corner of Bank & Gladstone) has live flamenco guitar where the local famenco-philes pile in. The scallops main never disappoints. The paella is lovely, lots of moist and tasty seafood - that dish might be out of your price range but you'd have leftovers for the next day. The rack of lamb is grilled nicely. But skip the gazpacho.

        If you like to listen to live Jazz while eating dinner - try Cafe Paradiso on Bank St - does nice bistro food.

        If you like Indian/Sri Lankan, try Ceylonta on Somerset (almost one corner west of Bank)Lunchtime buffet lets you sample all sorts of things and at dinner for $12 try their thali - combo of all sorts of curries - eggplant is my favourite.