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Feb 11, 2008 11:17 AM

Where to buy lamb (raw)?

We usually go to costco to buy lamb, but we're looking for something better this time. Can somebody recommend a place?

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      1. re: Diana

        But SO expensive! You might as well go to Whole Paycheque at that point.

        I recommend a foray into the Valley of the Armenians -- Karabagh, for instance, has excellent lamb, more than just a couple of cuts, and way cheaper than Gelson's, though women will have to suffer the lecherous look of the junior butcher.

        In OC, I suggest either the halal butcher next to Com Tam Thuan Kieu on Brookhurst, or else Wholesome Choice.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          I second Karabagh - in fact, I'm going there on Wed for fresh lamb shanks to make Nigella's sensational Moroccan Lamb Shank stew.

          I know I first read about Karabagh here on the board, so thanks to whomever that was (perhaps you, Das U) for the rec.

          The junior butcher never skeeves me out (I am female) but then again I usually deal with the older guy in the hairnet with the kind and round face.

          Butchers are always so jolly!

      2. I've had excellent lamb from Bristol Farms, especially the cooking cuts. I was scouring Pasadena last winter for some shanks to use in making a cassoulet, and there were none to be had. The young butcher at the SoPas BF commiserated, saying that "everyone wants to do braises in this weather." When I asked if he might have some neck by any chance, he perked up, went into the locker, and emerged with three very nice ones. I asked for a basic trim and two lengthwise cuts for each, which he proceeded to do perfectly. Then he packed'em up and sold them to me for about nine bucks - about what I'd have paid for hacked and splintered neck from Ralphs.

        This is also where you want to spend your money if you want a boned and tied lamb shoulder.

        I've shopped for lamb at Jon's in Glendale, but it tends to be hanging out of torn packages (I think the Armenian women yank the plastic loose so they can sniff at it) and is a little too close to Road Kill for my taste.

          1. we buy a lot of lamb - a case at a time from costco gets you a 10% discount! when we want a change of pace either How's market (north hollywood and san marino are closest to us) or Super King (on San Fernando Rd., 1 or 2 blocks west of the #2 freeway. both have american lamb, super king is generally more reasonable.

            1. There's a halal butcher that my friend frequents, on Vermont just south of Wilshire (east side). She says the lamb isn't as funky tasting as at some other places. I've bought from there and it was good... and the butcher was hot! I only wish they'd join forces with the Korean BBQ next door for halal bulgogi.