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Best restaurants in NYC for Bone Marrow?


i recently had some at Back Forty, but it was annoying because they didn't give us proper spoons to get it out, and the bones weren't cut lengthwise (which makes it so much easier).

i guess i'd prefer places that serve it as an appetizer, where you can have it right out of the bone, but i've never had it any other way so if there are killer dishes that use it around town then please, suggest away!

thanks :-)

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  1. i had it at quality meats on saturday night...it was decent (served in the bone, with salt and some other condiments), but not mind blowing

    i saw some people eating it at prune a while back and it looked delicious, probably worth trying

    1. I can't say it's the best, b/c I've not eaten it at many places, but had some amazing bone marrow, served in the bone, cut lengthwise, recently at the new Blue Ribbon place on W. 58th.

      Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill
      308 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

      1. I had it at craftsteak, but it was one of the only things I loved other than the sides.

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            Better and cheaper than prune or blue ribbon. Bigger portion too. I also like how they cut the bone the long way.

            1. Definitely prune with sea salt and buttered toast. Becco in the osso bucco on the bone (but because of that you don't get more than one bone). Allen and Delancey -- they take it out of the bone.

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                I second Prune, with sea salt, parsley salad and toast points.

              2. Cafe d'Alsace, and it is excellent. Landmarc in the Time Warner Center has it along with the Tribeca location mentioned by an earlier poster. And the Michael Jordan Steak House in Grand Central used to, but I haven't been there in a long time.

                1. Among the ones that were mentioned, Landmarc (Tribeca and TWC), Blue Ribbon (Soho) & Prune served them in vertical bone tube with spoons to scoop out the marrow.
                  I will add Chop Suey, also serving the bone vertically.

                  Crispo and Blue Ribbon TWC serve the bones lengthwise.

                  Craftsteak had the bone marrow "sucked out" already and deep fried.

                  Allen and Delancey has the bone marrow without the bone and somewhat mixed into the dish (I supposed that the way that they wanted us to eat it).

                  Most of the places serve the bone marrow with bread, toastl, and some sort of condiments. My favorite is the onion marmalade at Landmarc.

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                    Wow. You are quite the bone-marrow-connoisseur.

                    Which way is the most flavorful, in your opinion?

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                      I cannot speak for the other places kobetobiko mentioned, but I had the Bone Marrow appetizer at Allen & Delancey last Saturday and it was fantastic. Instead of sea salt it came with caviar to get the saltiness. All of it over a shallot puree with a few pieces of toast on the side to spread it over. It was one of the better appetizers I've had in a long time.

                      The rest of the evening was fantastic as well. I really can't recommend A&D enough.

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                        im going here tonight for my bday and im SO excited. I know were getting the bone marrow....and probably the raviolo....

                        any other must-have suggestions?

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                          Order the Raviolo of Sweetbreads!!

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                            Besides the raviolo and marrow, I think the spanish mackerel, the beef, cabbage and onion, and the lambs were quite good. Overall, meat better than seafood.

                            I do find the dishes to be quite heavy, so you may put that into consideration when you order.

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                        Craftsteak also serves bone marrow in the bone with a spoon with each of their bone-in steaks. Yummmm....

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                          I prefer the Blue Ribbon (SoHo) version than its sister restaurant at the UWS. The marmalade sauce seems better than the teriyaki version.

                        2. The Blue Ribbon (Sulllivan Street in Soho) version is one terrific bone marrow dish, The ox tail marmalade sauce makes it a few notches better.

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                            Blue RIbbon and Landmarc, all you need to know...

                          2. One more vote for Allen & Delancey. Delicious, interesting and unusual preparation. The rest of the food is great, too.

                            1. Another vote for the Blue Ribbon on Sullivan. I've tried the bone marrow at many of the other restaurants mentioned thus far and, while some have been quite good, none have posed even a minor threat to Blue Ribbon's crown.

                              1. Best: Prune. Consistency was perfect. The sea salt and toast points paired well.
                                Worst: Craftsteaks. Underdone for my liking.

                                A close second to Prune is Landmarc. I'd like to try Blue Ribbon from what I've heard in the past as well as in this thread.

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                                  Prune was good but not as fresh as Landmarc who also had a wonderful burger to spread the marrow on top. Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn (park slope) were out of it the night we visited. Blue Ribbon in Soho is next on the list.

                                2. BLUE RIBBON!!! i know that this is the manhattan board but i especially dig the park slope restaurant

                                  1. Minetta Tavern's is my favorite so far. The flavor of the marrow itself is perfect, almost sweet. The toast and onion marmalade all you need.

                                    Blue ribbon SOHO is the next, I go there almost every sunday for just the marrow, though other apps are marvelous as well.

                                    Toro by the chelsea market is a new arrival vying for the best version too, w/ BR-esque braised beef cheek marmalade plus pickled citrus and fresh radish

                                    The marrow in west village is reputed as well for putting sea urchin on it, but when i went they neglected to mention having run out of uni and replaced it with salmon roe. major faux pas. its also drizzled with aioli so no way to just try the marrow without their toppings. f that.

                                    corkbuzz by union sq has a small marrow app out of the bone on toast with tangy salsa verde. unexpected but very good too.

                                    i guess i gotta try landmarc...

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                                      I second Minetta Tavern, they are great!

                                    2. Le Bernardin's "surf & turf" - roasted bone marrow with sea urchin and bacon crisps

                                        1. Why not just make marrow at home?

                                          Bone Marrow has to be the easiest thing in the world to make.....no? Just throw the bones into the oven at a nice high heat, salt bones and cook until brown and tender.

                                          Nothing to it really. I make this for my dogs all the time. They love it. I eat the inside and they eat the outside...well gnaw on the bones really.

                                          Is there something I am missing on making bone marrow bones? Bones cost nothing really.

                                          1. since this thread resurfaced - had some incredible marrow at American Cut a few weekend back - fried shortrib nuggets, braised snails and some really really good marrow - with a bunch of bitter/acidic things (celery leaves and shallots and parsley) over top. our steaks were good but id go back for that marrow in a hearbeat.