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Feb 11, 2008 11:13 AM

Dessert Lady, Orlando

Went to the new location at Church St. over the weekend after a great dinner at Ceviche. They just opened last week and all I have to say is congrats on the new diggs!!
The ambiance is super senuous in a boudoir kinda way and absolutely gorgeous.
I went with some friends and we got the dessert platter (4 half servings). We tried the peanut butter pie (which, for the record, I could eat everyday for the rest of my life), the lemon rum cake, the cannoli cake and the flourless chocolate torte. Even the half servings were huge and we took home a lot of left overs.
Also on the menu: cheese plates and good wine. I also tried the new Sea Dog Hazelnut beer (yummy).
The construction is (scheduled) to be done soon, and apparently there will be free parking..

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  1. I park nearby there for work, in the empty lot on South Street and Garland, next to the old Club Paris location. It's just so hard getting in and out of that area, so I haven't bothered to come back at night to try Ceviche yet. Once the construction is abated and parking is somewhat easier to deal with, I definitely plan to bring my girlfriend out there for Ceviche and the Dessert Lady (who we tried once at the Kirkman location, and is indeed amazing).