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Feb 11, 2008 11:07 AM

New Kosher Deli in Skokie - Srulie's

I just went to Srulie's in Skokie - It is a little difficult to find - it is stuck inside an office complex (If you know Skokie it is bedind the old US Robotics building). I enjoyed the meal I had - I had the Schnitzel Pastrami Deluxe - it was excellent - a nice piece of schnitzel with a healthy amount of schnitzel - very tasty.I also had the Cozy Dog - a romanians hotdog wrapped in a pastry wrapper with grilled onions and that was great as well - over all and excellent meal at a good value -

They are located at:

8170 McCormick Blvd. Suite 101
Skokie, IL 60076

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  1. I actually just came upon the place last week. Ultra good comfort food! Ironically, I ate most of the same things you did!

    I tried their Cozy Dog. Very tasty! I always eat Kosher hot dogs, but it seemed more enjoyable than the standard Kosher dog. I took two of the Schnitzel Pastrami Deluxe sandwiches to go; tasted great even after being in the fridge. I also tried the Kishke which was out of this world good. We also took some chopped liver to go, which I haven't tried yet, but my household loves.

    This is a great find of a place that this area sorely needs!

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      The dogs and other sausage/cold cut products are from Romanian.

    2. Love the food. I had the schnitzel deluxe sandwich which was enough for 2 lunches. I also tried the hot dog in a light pastry dough which i loved which is surprising since i am not wild about hot dogs in general. The kishke was the best i have ever eaten and elicited a reaction something similar to "when harry met sally". The chopped liver is better than anything mom made.