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Feb 11, 2008 11:06 AM

Blu in Petaluma report

Read a glowing review of new restaurant called Blu in Petaluma last weekend, so we figured we would check it out. We ended up ordering the fried calamari as an appetizer ($10), fish tacos (2 for $12), the triple-cheese burger ($10), and the mac & cheese ($9) to share.

Well, after a good wait we were served the tacos and burger first. When asked about the calamari app, we were told it was accidentally served to someone else. We said no sweat, but asked if we could get some silverware with our ala carte entries. We got forks about 5 minutes later along with the mac & cheese and the calamari app.

The calamari (rated 5*'s in the review) came in a small high-sided bowl with a tasty though soggy horseradish salsa clumped on top. The flavors were actually pretty good, and the non-soggy parts were nice a crispy, but the texture of the calamari was on the tough side. We have had better at most other restaurants in this price range.

The (5*) fish tacos came with large flour tortillas that were charred on the grill before serving. Not bad, except the minimal amount of battered fish inside made it almost obscure inside the large tortilla. I really had a hard time noticing the fish in the first taco. They were topped with the standard slaw and a thousand-island type sauce. Tasty, but not very filling, and hardly worth $12 for the amount of fish provided.

My wife thought the (4.5*) burger was okay, although a bit burnt on the edges. She also mentioned that the side salad that came in place of the fries was over-dressed.

And then there was the (4.5*) mac & cheese. Served cold with penne pasta and swimming in runny cream sauce, I had to ask the waitress if it was intended to be served that way. She politely offered to take it back and heat it some more, but is was no different the second time around. Thankfully, they took it off the tab.

I appologize if this reports appears rather seathing, but it was just one of those meals where nothing seemed to go right. Pehaps part of our disatisfaction had to do with our expectations after reading the hyped review, but then without it we would have never tried the place in the first place.

Second at B street
Petaluma, CA

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  1. I also read the review that you referred to and thought it was a "must-try". Too bad your meal did not measure up. I will go within the next week or so and report back.

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    1. re: misscotati

      You might search around on the web before going. Civil Bear has one of the least seathing reports ... and we are not just talking Yelp. The comments on this Press Democrat blog don't have many good things to say.

      The impression I get is ... bad service, prices that are too high for what you get and food that is barely average. Maybe they need time to work things out.

      I'm guessing this was the positive review ... maybe the only enthusiastic mention of the place that I've seen.

      Blu American Eatery
      410 2nd St, Petaluma, CA

      1. re: rworange

        Some friends of mine went and suggested the same thing, prices too high and food is barely average. Looking at the menu it does look kinda spendy, and $2.50 for iced tea is pushing it.

    2. TERRIBLE service. I've been 4 times because I love the sweet potato fries and the lemon pancakes and each time the service has been incredibly forgetful or like we were an inconvenience to be waited on. What is up with snobby service in a burger joint?