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Feb 11, 2008 11:00 AM

Mont Tremblant Eats

Heading to Mt. Tremblant for a week of skiing with Wife and 2 teenaged sons. First time at MT. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions for dining. Anything from casual to fine dining. Just looking for well executed high quality food, in any form.

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  1. My buddy and I just returned from Tremblant, real nice mountain!! Definetly not cheap! For lunch we escaped the MT cafeterias and ate at two relatively nice family restaurants La Forge and there other restaurant next door. Good beer, salads, burgers & sandwich joints. A plate averages 12 dollars Canadian. For dinner we headed into the old Mont Tremblant village. There are a number of charming restaurants...I need to get back to you with the exact name of the one we ate at.

    1. Click the Search This Board link at the top of the page and type tremblant in the Search box. You'll pull up a dozen or so recent threads packed with suggestions.

      1. There are some great local places in the St. Jovite area a few miles away from the Intrawest village of Mt. Tremblant. Also check out this link for a great listing of area restaurants.

        1. I second the St. Jovite suggestion. The Brunch Cafe (casual) has an amazing array of sausages and good pizzas. La Ripaille is very charming and has more traditional Quebecois cuisine. If you want fine dining, Le Cheval de Jade in St. Jovite is top-notch. There's a good microbrewery in the mountain village that has good hamburgers and other microbrewery fare.

          1. It's my first time in Mont Tremblant, and would like to stay away from the Disneyland-type fare that's associated with most of the restaurants located at the pedestrian village (which seems to be overpriced and of poor quality from reading everyone's posts). I am looking for well-executed high quality food. We're nyc foodies with high expectations; don't really care about atmosphere as long as the food is exceptional.

            I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions on the following:
            - Best crepes
            - Best bistro fare
            - Best lunch on mountain
            - Best lunch off-mountain (good enough to warrant interrupting skiing midday)
            - Best dinner within 20 minutes of mountain
            - Best pub/bar for apres-ski

            Has anyone tried these restaurants? Are they worth the $? I'm not really looking for fine dining atmosphere-wise, but how is the food?
            - sEb
            - Le Cheval de Jade
            - Aux Truffes

            @Steelydad - how was your trip? Any recommendations?

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              YES yes yes to sEb, right in st jovite town, about 10 min away. le cheval de jade was good but not as good or modern as sEb's cooking. the food places on the mountain were not good but only had the pizza and it was edible at best. there was a nice casual breakfast, lunch, pastry shop right in st jovite also, i think it was mostly a bakery but had about 5 small tables inside and had tasty quiche, breads, salads, pastries one morning. we basically went between there and the mountain, we didnt get to cook just ate cheese/bread and wine in the condo, which we bought at a place just a few shops away from cheval de jade.

              hope this post makes it to you in time, please report back on anything you found too :)