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Feb 11, 2008 10:52 AM

Middle Eastern Deli in Nassau-Long Island? for Bastirma

Anyone know where I can find Bastirma? I had it at a party and the host told me I can only find it at a middle eastern deli but I don't know any around here (Nassau-South Shore).

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  1. Super Jordan at 324 Jackson Ave. in Syosset (516-364-7533) probably has it. Also there is a place in Great Neck, Five Continents, on Middle Neck Road. I know those are North Shore places. In Merrick there is a Greek place that might have bastirma: Limani Mediterranean Marketplace, 48A Merrick Ave. 516-377-0488.

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      Thank you! I will check out the Merrick marketplace first and hope to get lucky.