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Nov 29, 2001 03:17 PM

Argentinian and Kobe beef in downtown LA

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I will be in LA on business in a couple of months and am already scoping out places to eat.

I would appreciate any recommendations on restaraunts which do a good job with Kobe beef or Argentinian beef.

I know they are decidedly distinct and incomparable, but both experiences are largely unavailable in my local area and of great interest to me.

Also, please indicate how far the rest. is from the Staples Center. Many thanks.

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  1. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a place downtown that serves Argentinian beef, but, last time I heard, the Japanese hotel, the New Otani, had a restaurant serving Kobe beef.

    The New Otani is less than a ten minute cab ride from Staples.

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      michael (mea culpa)

      Mr. Brooks would appear to have the word. New Otani may be the place, altho you might get a tiny sliver of kobe beef at Ginza Shushiko in Beverly Hills. Or, if you are into doing your own fixing, Bristol Farms routinely sells Kobe beef for around $120 a pound! As for things Argentine, maybe some chef at a high dollar place might on some special occasion have some but otherwise we like to pretend our beef comes from the good old USA. Notwithstanding this, one hears tales of hamburgers constructed of a mix of American, Argentine and Australian beef without advices to the customer. I'm only aware of 2 Argentinian spots--The Gaucho Grill chain (which to my taste buds makes decidedly ordinary Americanized food) and something called Carlito's Gardel Restaurant on Melrose which is purportedly known for its chicken!

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        Gardel's is also known (justifiably) for its mixed grill, basically a platter heaped with skirt steak (maybe Argentinian, don't know), ribs, various types of sausages, etc. I think it is a terrific restaurant, many notches (in cost as well) above Gaucho Grill.

        1. re: soccerdad

          If you (or your arteries) aren't up to the whole mixed grill, Gardel's also does a great, garlicky ribeye steak. Good pastas, as well.

          About a mile east of Gardel's on Melrose is another Argentine place, Lala's, which on an "on" night is quite yummy, and on an "off" night is, well, not too expensive. More of a younger, lively scene there, whereas Gardel's is fairly hushed and dark.

          1. re: soccerdad

            Keep in mind if the beef is on the bone, it isn't from Argentina. I think it's due to some Fed regulations re. mad cow disease (?) that prevents the importation of such beef.

        2. Matt -- alas I have never had Kobe beef,(although I've heard the tales). In the Japanese area of downtown (near the Otani, also a ten minute cab ride from Staples), there is a Shabbu Shabbu place that serves Kobe beef. I've stood outside, read the menu, and just couldn't spring for it. I don't know their name, but I was by there fairly recently. You take 2nd street east, go past San Pedro and either just before or after Central Ave. you'll see a small mini mall on the right side (south). The restaurant is in the middle of that mall. Enjoy! (I'm jealous)

          1. for Kobe and Australian wagyu beef I would strongly recommend Kagaya in the Honda Plaza. They have exquisite shabu shabu. Tel: 213.617.1016.

            1. The best Kobe in the world is in LA and he's located above the rim at the Staples Center.