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Feb 11, 2008 10:10 AM

Trying Tashi Delek (Tibetan)

Over the weekend I walked by Brookline Village's Tashi Delek, a fairly new Tibetan restaurant. I noticed they have a lunch buffet, so I plan to go back soon to try it. Has anyone been to the restaurant, either at lunch or dinner time?

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  1. I've been to the lunch buffet- it's pretty good compared to other Tibetan restaurants in town (Martsa on Elm in Davis, Rangtzen in Central Sq.) They had a couple of dishes that weren't traditional Tibetan, but more like Tibetan takes on standard Chinese buffet stuff like orange chicken. Their momos are really, really good.

    I know a Tibetan who loves to joke about Americans eating Tibetan food- he says eating Tibetan when you can get Chinese or S. Asian is like taking a European vacation and ignoring French and Italian cooking so you can eat more Scottish food!

    1. I went to Tashi Delek this weekend with a group of friends. The staff was personable and the environment was pleasant. The table split an appetizer platter that had a little of everything on it (egg rolls, potato pancakes, various veggie fritters). At this point the food seemed quite promising.

      Entrees come with salad and soup albeit disappointing ones. The salad is just run of the mill iceberg lettuce and tomatoes with a drizzle of what appeared to be kraft red wine vinagarette. The soup was like a miso soup but not much flavor. I ordered beef filled momos. They were ok but a little bland. My friends ricotta and spinach ones looked a little better. Mr. ordered lamb curry which had more flavor than my momos but the meat was a little tough. With drinks and tip the meal came to about $30 per person. It was a fun experience but overall I probably won't be back.