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Nov 28, 2001 07:20 PM

Saladang Song Cafe

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Has anybody else tried this thai cafe in Pasadena?
Curious to hear what others think. I had tried the first Saladang years ago and was not impressed, but good reviews made me want to try the cafe.
We went yesterday afternoon, it was a little chilly inside /cold metalic decor.
Started with stuffed ( shrimp/noodles) chicken wings which were good, not at all greasy. Rather boring dipping sauce, and no nam prik on table.
What was out of this world! was the green curry. Best I have ever had, I am salivating NOW just thinking about it ! Unbelievable flavors, fresh coriander, basil , coconut all balanced so that no one overpowered. Just hot enough to sneak up on you and make you sniffle.
The service was very friendly, and a nice touch was putting the leftover curry in a plastic liner inside the togo carton so no oil leaked thru.
I will be going back to try more variations of the green curry, ie with fishcake and noodles.

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    Heather Cottingham

    I ate there about a month ago. Had the Chicken/Apple/Peanut sauce salad. Amazing! I couldn't think of anything else the next day! Curry/Potato/Chicken Entree. Also very good. Smaller portion than I'm used to, but enough. Acutally a good size, just not the usual American size. Nice presentation. And OMG, they had purple rice (actually black) on the menu for desert! I've been looking for this dish since 1995 when my Boss' mother made it (she brought the rice with her from Taiwan). Its unusual, but worth a try even if you're only semi-adventurous.

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    1. re: Heather Cottingham

      The spicy asparagus salad is excellent;
      one of my favorite salads.

      1. re: Steph P

        Yes, the chicken/asparagus salad is one of the best Thai dishes around, although they give you too much and it turns to mush the next day.

        1. re: Jean

          For an adventurous dessert try the coconut custard on sticky sweet rice. Quite unusual in a good way after the initial shock wears off!