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Feb 11, 2008 10:02 AM

Ideas for group of 10-12, not too $$$, maybe something OTHER than tapas?

Please recommend.

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  1. can you be more specific? location? type of food (why the mention of tapas)? what's not too $$$ for you? etc.

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    1. re: joebelt

      Location - anywhere in Boston or Cambridge is fine. The mention of tapas because that seems to be the default answer for groups. And forget the $$ - good food for the value is all that matters!

          1. re: lorax14

            Try BlueRoom in Kendall Sq. Cambridge. Can get there by Red Line. It's big enough to handle this many people. Definitely need reservations.

            1. re: Sal Monella

              BlueRoom gets a lot of mixed reviews.

              Try Sel de la Terre.

              1. re: joebelt

                Really? I must admit I'm surprised.

                I don't recall seeing anything bad on BlueRoom. Perhaps I just missed the posting(s)?

                1. re: joebelt

                  We've done Sel de la Terre not too long ago, but we do love it.

                  Other ideas?

                  1. re: lorax14

                    Eastern Standard can probably handle your group without a problem. Not too $$$, good food. I'd also second the Blue Room.

                    1. re: raddoc

                      I'll second Eastern Standard, it's what I was about to recommend. I like East Coast Grill and Redbones also but they're a very different atmosphere.

                      1. re: steinpilz

                        I will third Eastern Standard for a large group as they have a priavte room that held our party of 14 no problem.

      1. That tiki lounge room @ East Coast Grill. Perfect for 10-12; call ahead.

        1. Redbones takes reservations for parties of 10 or more, I believe. It's pretty fun to go there with a bunch and to know you won't have to wait!

          1. Grand Chau Chow in Chinatown or Kaze, the fairly new shabu shabu place. Both are almost made for large groups with good food and not too pricey.

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            1. re: bizzy50

              I was going to suggest Kaze, I think it would be kinda fun ( and different) for a group.

            2. The original comment has been removed