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Feb 11, 2008 09:48 AM

2008 definitive Financial District lunch thread

It's been a while since we've had a good discussion of downtown lunch options, and it would be nice if we compiled our notes into a single thread. So I'll start with some of my favorites (none of which will be a surprise to anyone):

Chacarero (Arch St./Province St.) -- Nuff said. My favorite downtown lunch.

Al's (State St.) -- It's kinda just a sub shop, but their homemade sub rolls make all the difference in the world.

Sultan's Kitchen (State St.) -- Great Turkish food.

Good Life (Kingston St.) -- For a casual sit-down lunch.

Sel de la Terre (State St., on the Aquarium side of Surface Rd.) -- When you need a place to bring a client.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. J.A. Stats (Broad St. - Old Tiernan's location) - just opened last week - big portions, good basic chow. Paninis look awesome. Full service bar and dinner too.

      Boston Kebob House (Liberty Square) - Mideastern alternative to Sultan's - Meze bar is excellent vegetarian option.

      1. Here's a fairly complete list of my current rotation, divided into categories, listing each in descending order of preference. For the "lower air-play spots", I've included a short blurb:


        * Italian Cafe
        * Al's


        * Sakurabana
        * Samurai - also a good spot for shabu shabu if you don't have the time to get all the way to Chinatown.
        * The place in the Corner Mall

        --Plain Old Sandwiches--

        * Sam LaGrassa's
        * Rudy's - surprisingly great sandwiches on good, crusty French bread in this counter service place in the Boston Harbor Hotel. I really like the roast beef with horseradish sauce.
        * Bakey's - a Financial District institution, this place has Sam's-style sandwiches, served in a table-service environment.

        --Upscale Casual--

        * Kingston Station
        * Good Life
        * Silvertone

        --Other Ethnic/Semi-ethnic--

        * Chacarero
        * Sultan's Kitchen
        * Boston Kebab House - quality on par with Sultan's, but the downstairs seating area is a nice added bonus.
        * Rock Sugar
        * (haven't been to Pita Kabob yet, but it's on my list)


        * Houston's
        * The Vault - over 10 respectable entree salads available here.
        * Sebastian's
        * Cosi
        * Pressed Sandwiches

        --Splurge/Client Lunches--

        * No. 9 Park
        * Sel de la Terre

        --Nice little schlep for take-out when time and weather permit--

        * Mei Sum Bakery
        * Flour
        * Haymarket pizza

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        1. re: finlero

          One correction and one update:

          The sandwich place in the Boston Harbor Hotel is Rudi's, not Rudy's.

          Sushi Time (can'!) is the sushi place in the Corner Mall.

        2. I'm keen on all of Blumie's recs, esp. The Chac and Sultan's. I'll add:

          Pita Kabob (Chauncy St side of Hyatt Regency) for Persian kebabs. Skip the American stuff.

          Silvertone (Bromfield St), comfort-food plates of high quality and value, reasonably quick if you sit at the bar. Great grilled fish, steak tips, sandwiches with very good fries.

          Falafel King (Winter St Arcade near Tremont). Some of the best falafel in town.

          Sam LaGrassa's (Province St). Good overstuffed deli sandwiches, fine corned beef and pastrami.

          Burrito Express (Bedford St). I haven't revisited this lately, but I was rather impressed with the Mex/border food here, which I thought was pretty fresh tasting, especially the corn-tortilla tacos. (I generally don't order burritos, so can't speak to theirs.)

          Locke-Ober (alley off Temple Place). A better deal at lunch, though still pricey and not a quick meal. Superb roast beef hash with poached eggs. Great soups/stews, calf's liver, Wiener schnitzel with a fried egg and anchovies on top.

          Mantra (Temple Place). Another place I haven't been back to in some time, but I recall the buffet of upscale Indian (they avoid the fusion-y thing at lunch) to be rather good for $12.

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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            Hit the Mantra buffet lunch today; still very well prepared and high quality and a good option if you have a craving for Indian food and work downtown.

          2. Has anyone been to Lobby on Broad Street across from The Times.? It is in the old Pizza Oggi space and owned by the guys running the Rock Revolution Bar around the corner?