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Feb 11, 2008 09:46 AM

Takeout around New Haven, CT?

I have an interesting problem.

My birthday is coming up and my wife--who doesn't cook--has offered to go to the restaurant of my choosing to pick up takeout from anywhere in the New Haven area for a post-workday dinner. We live in Milford, in the Devon neighborhood, but she's willing to drive a bit -- probably as far north as North Haven/Branford and as far south as Fairfield.

There's a pizza place near us (which we go to a least twice a week), but we are both in the mood for something different, and the rest of the places around us are mostly fast food. We're adventurous, but she can't do spicy.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Uncle Willies - great BBQ place on Whalley Ave., in westville/amity (ribs & sweet potatoes a must)

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      Royal Palace (Chinese)on Orange St in Haven is very good, Gabrielles (Italian) in Orange There are a number of good Thai places, or Coromandel (indian) in Milford

    2. Check out gastronomique at 25 high street in new haven. Where else can you get take out prix fixe?

      1. If you live in Devon, I'd see if Bridge House does takeout and save the driving. Or, Jeffrey's in Milford does takeout, and they make some nice food. IMO of course.