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Feb 11, 2008 09:41 AM

Enzo's Pork Store in Massapequa

I get into this area every few months, and always remembered several years ago driving down 106/107 and seeing a sign out of the corner of my eye (Milk Fed Veal Cutlets $3.99/lb) Had to turn around, which was a good thing, because they were the best I ever had (and also probably the cheapest!)
So today I actually went looking for him, and there he was stuck in the corner of a run down, half empty looking shopping center, and I'm glad I did. Figured he'd be gone, but he said he's been there 34 years and is trying to hang in there. Small and not much selection, but what there is, is perfect. Like a tiny Arthur Ave. All kinds of fresh mozz and hanging cheeses, home made ravioli, that type of thing.
I got 6 veal cutlets (milk fed, don't care about PETA really), 8 fresh Italian sausages and 2 bracioles for Easter (he made them to order!), a box of the really fancy dry tagliatelle pasta made with eggs in the windowed box, and a bunch of Patene tomato products, and the whole thing came out to $40. He said he can't stand how all Italian pork stores now have to have Gourmet or Italiana in their name, just to charge 3 X the price.
If you live over that way, check him out, so he'll be there next time I visit!!

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  1. Love that...I have to make a trek, out of respect. Old school pork stores are the best.

    Anyone know of other good ones they really like?

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      A. S. Italian Pork Stores in East Northport (631-266-1540), Port Jefferson Station (631-928-4422), Massapequa (516-799-4332), Franklin Square (516-825-7171) and Oceanside (516-764-4606).

      Ceriello Fine Foods in Williston Park (516-747-0277) and Wantagh (516-679-9210), Gemelli Fine Foods in Babylon (631-321-4515), Mr. Sausage in Huntington (631 271-3836) and Melville (631 421-9100) and, perhaps the greatest pork store of them all, Razzano’s in Glen Cove, (516-676-3745).

      1. re: emarcus

        Del Fiore's in Patchogue and Rocky Point is pretty good too, but molto expensive.

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          I've been wanting to go to Ceriello. They run the Paninoteca in GC and it's AWESOME. Razzano's---yes!!


          1. re: GCGuy

            Can you tell me a little about Paninoteca in GC? Is it new? Where is it?

            1. re: EZ Pass

              It's over 1 year old. It's on 7th street, mid way (kinda) between Franklin and GC hotel on the south side. Little place...excellent paninis of all sorts, good Italian staples like penne vodka, etc. Sell their own sauces. Not open late. Also have great gelato. Very nice people, too.

              Man, the tonno italiano (italian tuna, artichoke, olive, olive oil is superb), but everything I've had there is great, too.

              They have another location in Grand Central terminal.

              Fianei's Paninoteca Italiana
              150 Seventh Street
              Garden City, NY 11530
              tel: 516-741-3582