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Feb 11, 2008 09:41 AM

cranberries- where did they go?

I did not make a run to Wilson Farms this week for my produce. But- I was in the mood for cranberry sauce, and stopped at two local supermarkets ( Johnnie Foodmaster and Shaw's), looking for cranberries. Both places told me they were not in season. I have not yet called Wilson Farms to see if they have them, but I find it hard to believe they not available. Can anyone help? TIA

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  1. I had heard a rumor to this effect around Turkey day macca. Something about the harvest being small this year and so they were warning folks to stock up. I *almost* picked up a second bag for the freezer, but I didn't.

    1. I tired to find cranberries last year after the holidays and they were not available. They show up in November and disappear in or around January. This year I put some in the freezer.

      1. I'm not sure why you find it hard to believe that fresh cranberries are no longer available. The harvest season only runs from September to the end of October, and it's February now. Cranberries are more durable than strawberries or raspberries for sure, but fresh fruit is still perishable and three months is a long time after the end of the season.

        1. Yup- I had some in the freezer, too- but used them all. Between cranberry sauce and muffins, they are gone! I did call Wilsons,. and they siad they should be getting in some on Wednesday, but to call first. I do have to make a trek ther this weekend, but I think I will call and ask. This time I will buy three large boxes- bought two last time, and not enough! Thanks for the feedback.

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            In the past I've found them in the freezer section of Whole Foods (Newton) at all times of the year. Sometimes you just want a cranberry orange muffin in July!

            1. re: EmmaFrances

              Agreed! did not even have them frozen in my two local supermarkets. Will have to try whole foods if I can't find them at Wilsons! Thanks

            2. re: macca

              Because the fresh cranberry season is so short, it really pays to buy a lot around thanksgiving (especially when they are on sale) and freeze them. They freeze perfectly and defrost in minutes, or can be used in most baking still frozen. They will keep for a year or more, although they tend to slowly dehydrate over time.

              1. re: tdaaa

                I guess I never really thought about how short the cranberry season is. For some reason, I thought cranberry season is more like butternut squash season. I have been buying absolutley delicious butternut at Wilsons since the fall. I originally bought a boxful, but used that up, and had to buy more after the Holidays. Just as good as the earlier ones.
                I did freeze a big batch of the cranberries, but used them all up! Hopefully can pick some up this weekend. My family loves cranberry sauce.

            3. This may not be what you are hoping for, but recently I saw some bags in the freezer at ?? I think it must have been the ghetto Star on Beacon St in Cambridge. The bags looked just like those one would expect to find fresh around the holidays. I assumed that they ended up with extra for some reason and tried to extend the shelf-life by selling them out of the freezer.